Bertolone is a defendant in the Bacchiani case

Bertolone is a defendant in the Bacchiani case
Bertolone is a defendant in the Bacchiani case

June 16, 2024 – 01:45

Ivo Nahuel Bertolone, partner of the financial company Money Shelter Co that had its headquarters in Buenos Aires and who is a fugitive from Federal Justice, became a plaintiff in the case against the Catamarca financial company Adhemar Capital SRL, accusing the founder of this firm, Adhemar Bacchiani, of having defrauded him of more than $1,800,000.

Judicial sources reported that according to his testimony presented in February, he deposited that million-dollar sum into the branch that Bacchiani had in the Cerro de las Rosas neighborhood, in the city of Córdoba. It was also learned that this week he testified a witness provided by his lawyers.

Allegedly, the default incurred by Money Shelter was in part as a result of an alleged scam perpetrated by Bacchiani and his associates, who were also prosecuted. Bertolone is suspected of being the leader of a gang that raised money in exchange for promises of huge profits and is a fugitive, as is his partner Agostina Biagioni. His sister, Camila Bertolone, was prosecuted but released.

The last member of the quartet, Yago Nahuel Escobar, was identified by the Federal Justice as Ivo’s right-hand man. It is suspected that both created the company that offered their “financial services”, reporting that they operated with the company Generación ZOE, owned by Leonardo Cositorto, another subject who is deprived of his liberty for million-dollar scams.

In this context, Escobar was processed with preventive detention at the beginning of May. At the time of being investigated, he accused Ivo and the rest of his partners of having given Edgar Bacchiani a significant sum of money but without waiting for his authorization.

According to his testimony, “at the beginning of March (2022), when I arrived at the Belgrano offices, Ivo told me that they were going to make a significant bet, if not almost all the money, in this Adhemar company. They had offered him an interest of 30% per month.” And he added: “I did not believe that they had to put all the money in one place, since no investment is safe, they all have a risk, and for so much return a lot had to be risked. The investment in Catamarca was made in February ( 2022); when they told me it was already done,” he corrected and added: “A few months later I found out through social networks that this company Adhemar was no longer paying.”

So it was. In February 2022, Adhemar Capital stopped paying its investors in the Catamarca headquarters and in its branches in Córdoba and Yerba Buena, in the province of Tucumán.

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