Cerro Bayo, activities and prices

The snow was present at the Villa La Angostura ski center and the announced opening of activities began.

At the end of the Camino de los 7 lakes, near a forest unique in the world, Villa la Angostura begins a winter season full of snow and with Cerro Bayo up and running so you can ski. You can enjoy on boards, snowshoe, sail to meet the myrtle trees or tour the town, its shops, its artisans and the flavors of this magical corner of Patagonia.

The town’s tourism secretary, Alberto Calvo, said that winter, in terms of snow, is coming very well. “The snowfalls arrived in autumn, unexpectedly, with values ​​from about 20 years ago, so to speak. “It has surprised us in a positive and abundant way.”

Regarding reservations, in the accommodations that have an agreement with the centers, they are already complete or almost complete, but reservations are low in hotels and cabins that do not have it. “I think there is speculation, not about the weather factor, but also about what promotions the hotel sector, cabins and apartments may offer in the coming days,” said Calvo. On the other hand, several days ago several providers in the town joined the Argentina Emerge program and offer discounts on accommodations and tourist services.

On the other hand, according to Calvo, Cerro Bayo carried out a pre-sale of passes, which compared to the year 2023 are at the same values ​​and are very good. But you should not only think about the mountains, but also about various activities that you can do or combine.

“Today you can sail on a catamaran, or you have some boat services for private individual family groups that can be arranged. Get to the myrtle forest. Also horseback riding and there is a service that grows year by year, and it is trekking or snowshoeing, with an authorized guide, a very nice experience,” stood out.

The Arrayanes National Park is the only place in the world where a natural forest of this very particular species is found.

The trails that they recommend to do in winter areWithin Cerro Bayo there are five trails, one lasting half an hour, and from there it starts with greater complexity, to one lasting three and a half hours that reaches almost to Belvedere Hill. There are two providers that accompany you, one is Cerro Bayo and the other is Nómades. The Ultima Esperanza Arm Trail round trip takes about an hour or so, and To do with children, the Selva Triste tour, in the urban ejido, and the walk to the Bonito River Waterfall, are the most chosen.

Afterwards you can tour Bahía Manzano with its beaches, its coasts or leave the car and walk, drink mate on the beach, it is a very beautiful view. Finally there are the viewpoints. Going to the limit with Chile is the Bandurria, the Belvedere, which are really very beautiful.

Calvo says that some Brazilian tourists have already arrived. The issue is that they descend and connect through the international airport of Bariloche then, spend the night there and take a walk in Villa La Angostura.

“Our challenge is to be chosen, that is why we went to all the actions that are carried out especially in Brazil, it is to gradually sow a seed to be able to create in the Brazilian public, a stay not only in Villa La Angostura but also throughout the corridor from San Martín de los Andes connecting with Junín de los Andes.”

Cerro Bayo

The ski center opened partially yesterday, in its entire beginners area of ​​1500, but also the middle area of ​​the mountain that is accessed from levels 1400 to 1600 via the TS Bosque lift. This also allows access for intermediate and advanced skiers on different blue and red runs.

lTechnical snowmaking started early this year due to low temperatures. The ski center completed a second stage of its investment process in expanding the parking lot and access road to the base, and with the snow cannons. Thus, it will generate all the artificial snow for all the slopes up to elevation 1200, guaranteeing a safe sector for those taking their first steps.

They offer private and group classes, for those who want to have fun in the snow, and are available sledding, tubing and snowshoeing; and all the inns on the hill with their service and mountain cuisine.

Complete the ski programí the possibility of enjoying exclusive events and experiences throughout the season, such as: the Imperial Beer House afters, torch lowering, clinics and extreme competition, Rugby Extreme, Best Trick, Full Moon with Rosell Boher, and Sabores que Unen, the most important gastronomic event in Patagonia, which this winter will have a luxury guest: the recent winner of two Michelin Stars, Gonzalo Aramburu.

Unmissable walks

He 7 Lakes road, it is a completely paved section, a scenic route that crosses the forests and lakes of Neuquén. The itinerary goes from Villa la Angostura to San Martín and visiting it is a must. It is one of the ten best landscapes on Route 40.

The Correntoso River is nearby and is a very nice point of interest to visit and take some souvenir photos. It is called the shortest river in the world for its length of approximately 200 meters. The color of its waters is emerald green, crystalline, incredible. You can take advantage of some time in this place to breathe fresh air.

Winter prices in Villa la Angostura

Entrance Fees to Los Arrayanes National Park. General Admission: $15,000. National Residents: $6000. Provincial Residents: $4000. Children up to 5 years old, Retirees and Pensioners: free of charge.

Park entrance hours: Pedestrians from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. / Cyclists from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Walking or cycling and returning by boat from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Park closure 15 p.m. More information: 294 449-5941. Since yesterday it opened for so-called skiing. of baptism.

In Cerro Bayo, the daily pass for an adult in high season costs $79,900, $75,900 in the special season, $71,900 in the medium season and $63,900 in the low season. For minors (6 to 11 years old) and seniors (65 to 69 years old), the price is $62,500 high; $59,300 special; $56,200 average and 49,900 low. Infants and people over 70, free of charge. There are rates for pedestrians and for ½ day.

Travelers and skiers will be able to purchase the entire 2024 offer from Cerro Bayo at www.cerrobayo.com.ar.

A cabin or apartment more than anything, costs 40 dollars per person. They have 6,800 places. Eating in a restaurant is around 20 or 25 dollars per person.

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