Díaz-Canel visits Russian frigate docked in Havana

The announcement of the arrival of this group was made by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, visited this Saturday the interior of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the deck of the Kazan submarine of the Russian Northern Fleet that are docked in the port of Havana, within which he expressed his gratitude to the Russian sailors for the opportunity to see the vessels.


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The crew members of the Russian military detachment received the president, who wrote a few words in the frigate’s visitor book.

«It is the expression of the solid and historical ties of friendship, brotherhood and cooperation that exist between our peoples, Governments and Armed Forces. We appreciate the opportunity they have given us to visit the detachment’s ships and the extensive explanations they have given us. “Meetings like this strengthen our relationships and friendly ties,” wrote the Cuban leader.

«Impressive and pleasant afternoon, even in the persistent rain. Welcome, friends of Russia », Díaz-Canel published on his X account.

Meanwhile, citizens continue waiting to see up close the boats that arrived at the island this Wednesday and will remain there until the following Monday. After a pause on Friday, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate reopened its doors to visitors this Saturday.

Despite the rain, hundreds of Cubans visit the capital’s bay to admire the Kazan nuclear-powered submarine or pay a visit to the frigate, one of the most advanced vessels in the Russian fleet.

Those interested in visiting the frigate must undergo a thorough security check before embarking in groups of 30 people. At the frigate’s helipad, passengers receive an explanation about the ship and then the tour begins, which includes passing through one of the ship’s internal corridors to reach its front. Although it is a short trip, the landscape is unknown to many and allows you to imagine how it is part of the life of sailors.

The deck also displays some of the frigate’s weapons and technology. Some of the most curious visitors ask the sailors and take photos to take home a souvenir of the friendship between Cuba and Russia.

The trip not only provides the opportunity to board the vessel and become familiar with its interior, but also provides a distinctive view of Havana Bay and a close-up view of the Kazan submarine, one of the main attractions of the naval detachment.

According to the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Alexandr Moiseyev, the detachment of the Northern Fleet has arrived in Cuba as part of the international cooperation between both countries and as an extension of the tasks of the long-range trip.

The announcement of the arrival of this group was made by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The group’s agenda includes courtesy visits to the leader of the Revolutionary Navy and the governor of Havana, as well as tours of places of great historical and cultural importance.

Author: teleSUR – nbb – JGN

Source: RT – Sputnik

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