“Confluencias” and “El navel de la luna” are exhibited in the Municipal Palace of SLP – El Sol de San Luis

“Confluencias” and “El navel de la luna” are exhibited in the Municipal Palace of SLP – El Sol de San Luis
“Confluencias” and “El navel de la luna” are exhibited in the Municipal Palace of SLP – El Sol de San Luis

During this weekend, two exhibitions were inaugurated and shown at the Municipal Palace Cultural Center, they are about the collective exhibition is exhibited at the Teresa Caballero Gallery, patio and upper floor of the Municipal Palace Cultural Center; while the work of the talented Irma Zamora is exhibited in the Juan Blanco Gallery, which They will be exhibited until June 30.

Daniel García Álvarez de La Llera, director of Municipal Culture; Araceli Arriaga Mandujano, president of the Culture Commission and Guadalupe López Wongñis, visual artist and member of the Citizen Council of Culture, presented the samples before a full house.: “Confluences”collective of artists and “The navel of the moon”by the artist Irma Zamora.

Councilor Araceli Mandujano highlighted the work done by the Municipal Palace Cultural Center that opens its doors to the public so they can discover these fantastic works of painting, watercolor, drawing, engraving, photography, graphic design, masquerade and sculpturewhat is presented by 19 artists from San Luis Potosías well as the quality of Irma Zamora’s work.

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Daniel de la Llera said that “The navel of the moon” is exhibited at the Juan Blanco Gallerya pictorial work by Irma Zamora, an independent artist who for more than 20 years has developed in the field of art and music, with influences in Latin American folklore and traditions from various parts of the world.

While the collective: “Confluencias”, shows works by Carolina Cabrera Basurto, Claudia Patricia Lozano, Lupita Cantú, Martha Elisa Rangel, Paola Castro Arriaga, Guadalupe Lopezwongñis, Armando Cuevas Torres, Axel Marentes Galicia, Carlos Cuevas Torres, Enrique Hernández Varela, Giovani Zuviri Oviedo, Héctor Ruiz De Santiago, Joel Cuevas Torres, Jorge Humberto Hernández Roque, José Paz Centeno, Luis Daniel Espinosa, Luis Francisco Romo Anguiano and Salvador Yrízar Rojas.

“Confluences” is made up of works whose creators address varied themes, from the human figure and landscape to abstraction and formal experimentation, coinciding in a common space, inviting the viewer to discover the connections and contrasts between different artistic disciplines.

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