What is the point that Lorenzo’s undefeated Colombia should review ahead of the Copa América?

What is the point that Lorenzo’s undefeated Colombia should review ahead of the Copa América?
What is the point that Lorenzo’s undefeated Colombia should review ahead of the Copa América?

The Colombian National Team gets ready to face the CONMEBOL Copa América 2024, the Tricolor comes with a wonderful performance, has not lost for more than two years and is undefeated in 23 games, 20 of these under the direction of Néstor Lorenzo. Sometimes, it gives an advantage in defense on the left wing.

Not only do the numbers stand out in the Tricolor and it is difficult to find flaws in their operation, the team seems as if they play from memory line by line and with the passage of the games they have earned the respect of their rivals, for some it is one of the teams called to win the continental competition that will be held in the United States.

The team led by Néstor Lorenzo has been characterized by its solidity in defense and its forcefulness in attack, however, there is an area in which it has presented a certain vulnerability and where several of the goals it has received so far under the team were built. command of the Argentine.

This is their defensive zone on the left. where Deiver Machado or Johan Mojica have almost always played, however, not only have they been responsible, there is a joint work with the central defender who also goes on that side and also the winger on that strip, generally Luis Díaz.

Since Lorenzo’s first games as coach of Colombia, there have been similar plays on the left that end in goals for the rivals. Precisely Luis Díaz in 2022 against Mexico was the first to make a mistake of this kind, that day he went down to support Frank Fabra, neither of them cleared the ball and the winger then tried to play from the end line until he ended up committing a penalty that was the first of the Mexicans. In the same match, the rival’s second came through the center of the area, but prior to the shot, the play was created by Mexico in the same area. Díaz and Dávinson were able to press better and try to remove the ball, but the action took place until the ball ended up in the back of the net.

In another of the friendlies Colombia fell into this mistake again, it was against South Korea at the beginning of 2023this time it was Mojica who made the mistake, Camilo Vargas had gone almost to the left line, the winger with the ball could have cleared or delivered elsewhere on the field, but he decided to send a ball to the center of the field that was left to Son, who only had to finish with the goal without a guard.

On that Asian tour, Colombia also faced Japan and the Japanese took advantage of the Colombians’ shortcomings again. Between Jhon Lucumí and Deiver Machado Machado could not stop a fierce attack by their band of Nishimura and Machino, who from that side sent the center for Mitoma’s goal.

Again against Mexico the Colombians made mistakes on the left again, it was in a friendly with alternate rosters at the end of the previous year. Campuzano made a mistake coming out through the middle, Brayan Vera who that day played as a center back on the left went to try to avoid Guillermo Martínez’s shot, but he left his position uncovered and there, entering the area, Ómar Govea finished for the first.

The second goal of the Mexicans that night was also built from Colombia’s defensive left, in a play in which seven Tricolor players were inside the area, in an incredible way they let Cortizo finish and on the rebound that David Ospina gave came Guillermo Martínez’s goal.

Against Romania In a friendly Colombia also presented similar errors, after leading by three goals, they let the game get pushed. First, after an error by the center back on the left, which was Jhon Lucumí, the defender delivered poorly to the middle for Lerma and Hagi’s discount came, which he anticipated well. Later in the agony of the game, Mojica could not stop Man from speed, who sent a pass to the heart of the area that ended in Tanase’s goal.

In one of the last friendlies, Colombia beat the United States 5-1, but when they won the game by just two goals, they let themselves be pressured again in a play from the same wing. Bologun received and Mojica, who retreated towards the area, could have done a little more, he saw how the ball passed and it was left to Weah who defined before the departure of Vargas.

That is to say, 9 of the 14 goals that Colombia has conceded against under Lorenzo’s command have had in common that the rivals built the scores on the left defensive side. of the Tricolor, however, it is also worth clarifying that none of the above mentioned corresponded to an official match, they were all in preparation games.

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