requirements to enter your purchases into Argentina, the best routes and how to pay

Taking a shopping trip to Chile is the trend of the moment. The attraction of the price difference in clothing, technology, tires and even supermarket items makes more and more people decide to go. A common mistake is to travel without knowing what products you can buy outside of Argentina, that is why we inform you of everything you have to take into account when organizing the trip.

In the region, those who go from Neuquén or the Upper Río Negro Valley They choose one of the most populated cities with the greatest commercial offer in the south, Temuco, 500 km from Neuquén and Pino Hachado is the best gateway in winter. QFor those who go from Bariloche, El Bolsón, the Andean Region or Villa La Angostura, The Cardenal Samoré Pass is the most used and connects with the city of Osorno and Puerto Montt.

Requirements to enter Argentina with your merchandise from Chile.

The first recommendation is that before leaving, you fill the tank in Argentina, because fuel there is twice as expensive, and if you don’t walk much, with a tank you can go and come back.

Items allowed to enter

Permitted items are those for personal use, processed and packaged foods as long as they are in their original packaging and intended for personal consumption, hygiene and personal care products and prescription medications, among others.

It is prohibited to enter merchandise for commercial or industrial purposes, white goods, explosives, flammable and narcotic drugs, among others, and imported merchandise prohibited for non-economic reasons, according to the Argentine Customs Agency.

Spending limits in Chile

When making purchases in Chile you must take into account the allowed spending limit. The franchise varies between $300 by car and $500 if you go by plane. In addition, there is an additional franchise of $500 in the free shop.

If a group of four adults travels by car, the duty-free purchase limit will be $1,200. For children under 16 years of age, the franchise is half of that established for adults.

You have to hand over the tickets, in general, if you don’t buy to resell, they don’t control the clothes. If you exceed the limit, you must pay a 50% tariff on the excess. Payment is made at customs and can be made in pesos and by credit card.

What happens if the deductible exceeds the established fund?

All franchise excesses are covered by the Single Tax, a tax charged on the entry of merchandise that is 50% of the excess franchise. That is, of the amount that exceeds $300, you will pay half.

You must remember to save all receipts for purchases made in Chile in case of any unforeseen event.

Another thing to highlight is that if you carry technology such as a computer, a camera, from Argentina to Chile, Don’t forget to declare it when entering.

How to pay ?

In Chile, the convenient option is to pay or carry dollars. You can pay in cash in stores or exchange them for Chilean pesos, at a value of 900 per dollar. If you carry Argentine pesos the price is downward. Also, you can pay with a credit card, but they charge you the 30% PAIS tax, plus a 30% withholding for Profits.

To avoid the automatic conversion to pesos and the charge of the amount already paid in dollars, it is recommended to use the “Stop debit” option and pay the statement with dollars in cash or deposited in the account in dollars before the due date.

Routes and travel tips

To Chile from the Valley or Neuquén

The most convenient city is Temuco, 400 and 600 kilometers away, according to our starting point, and the safest route in winter is Pino Hachado.
From Neuquén capital you have to go along route 22 to Zapala and from there, to Las Lajas. The first Chilean city is Lonquimay, which has fuel, food, banks, and exchange offices.

Chilean peso bills are necessary because a toll is charged. Curacautín and Lautaro are the intermediate towns before reaching Temuco, once there, there are apartments, hotels, family lodgings of all types and prices. The most commercial area is Germany Avenue, where the shopping is located and along whose extension bars, restaurants and other gastronomic offers multiply.

To Chile from Bariloche or Villa la Angostura

From Villa La Angostura to Osorno it is 161 kilometers, about 2 and a half hours. And from Bariloche to Osorno it is 244 kilometers, almost 4 hours of travel by car. If everything goes well and the procedures at customs are not delayed, you can go and return on the same day.

From Bariloche you have to take the Dina Huapi road and continue towards Villa La Angostura, where Route 40 forks towards San Martín de los Andes and the border with Chile (Paso Cardenal Samoré), the option is Route 231, the left, towards the Cardenal Samoré pass. From there to the Argentine customs there are about 14 km. Once you have crossed the border, you must take Chilean Route 215 towards Osorno.

The Cardenal Samoré pass is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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