Julio César Chávez Jr. was free of charges for illegal possession of weapons in the US under this condition

Julio César Chávez Jr. was free of charges for illegal possession of weapons in the US under this condition
Julio César Chávez Jr. was free of charges for illegal possession of weapons in the US under this condition

Chávez Jr. was freed from firearms charges in the US (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The suffering for the Chávez family ended, the case of Julio César Chávez Jr. In a California court, the United States already had a final resolution. The son of great mexican champion was released of the charges he faced for illegal possession of weapons.

After Chávez Jr. was arrested and imprisoned for this crime in early 2024, the judges in the case dropped the charges he faced under one condition. Chavez Jr. was pardoned by the California court, so he no longer has any dealings with the law.

But, this situation occurred under a specific condition. Because the Mexican boxer’s lawyers presented to the authorities the argument of mental health problems of his client, the court dropped the charges as long as he remains sober.

In this situation, Julio César Chávez Jr. expressed for the microphones Windowing that he feels good about how his case was acquitted, in addition, regarding the judge’s request he assured that it is something that he also wants, so will continue working to be well.

Julio César Chávez prepares to return to the ring in July (IG/ @jcchavezjr)

“I feel very good, happy because what they tried to do was approved, and it is easier for me because the only thing the judge asks of me is, really, that it be clean. It’s something I want too, so all I have to do is be clean.”

For the next two years, Chávez Jr. will have to be in this condition of sobriety, since the US authorities will be conducting random drug tests on him, so he has to continue with his therapies.

This news not only made Chávez Jr. happy but also the Caesar of boxing He also shared the happiness that his son no longer has pending issues with the law. Julio Cesar Chavez He expressed the feeling that this decision of the judges generated in him.

Julio César feared for his son’s life, since there was not a day that he did not think that Junior was at risk of dying from the substances he consumed Photo: Cuartoscuro

During a meeting with the press, he shared details of how his firstborn is doing after this news. “We are very happy because the judge exonerated him of any guilt, that was the most important thing.”

However, he did not ignore the bad times he went through. Before julito he would rehabilitate himself and face his problem, Julius Caesar feared for his son’s lifesince there was not a day that I did not think that the Junior He was at risk of dying from the substances he consumed.

Furthermore, she confessed that she did not imagine that this day would come, because anguish as a parent always accompanied her, so she did not know how to help her son face this problem. This is how she expressed it before various media.

“Very happy, we thought that this day would never come, I thought that Julio was going to die at any moment, it was a constant worry every day, what if it dawned, what if it didn’t dawn… but, the times of God are perfect and now we are very happy because my son is different.”

Julio César Chávez tried to help his son overcome addictions (Instagram/ @jcchavez115)

Chávez Jr. revealed in an interview with Carlos Zar Aguilar for TUDN that his addiction problems began when he won the title of World Boxing Council (WBC) at middleweight. The problems worsened after his multiple admissions and departures from rehabilitation centers, a situation that he described as traumatic and that, according to him, exacerbated his episodes of paranoia.

During the talk, Chávez Jr. mentioned that his relapses were frequently due to what he perceived as “confinements” in these centers, despite the constant supervision and help of his father. This situation led to erratic behavior, including the acquisition of an illegal weapon that resulted in his arrest in early 2024.

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