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A former Milei advisor criticized him for the increase in monetary issuance

A former Milei advisor criticized him for the increase in monetary issuance
A former Milei advisor criticized him for the increase in monetary issuance


The economist and former advisor to the president Javier Milei Carlos Rodriguez This Saturday he questioned the monetary politics of the Government and maintained that during the months of May and June the Executive issued 31.7%, thus denying the recent statements of the president who said before the regional president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during his visit to Spain, which The issuance of money was comparable to “a crime against humanity.”

“You better stop bragging and talking nonsense. In the last 30 days (June 7/May 7) the Monetary Base, that is, MONEY, grew (was issued) by 31.7%. That is equivalent to an annualized high-powered money issuance rate of 2,634%. “They are official data from the BCRA Weekly Balance,” expressed the former Milei advisor in x.

The economist was one step away from joining the Cabinet as head of Advisors before Javier Milei became president and worked on his campaign teams, but later he was left out of the Executive and since then he usually has a critical vision of the direction of the libertarian management economy. Likewise, days ago Rodríguez had pointed out against the management of the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovelloafter the scandal over the distribution of food and said that the official She was not qualified for the position.

“I knew Sandra Pettovello well. Until the day I resigned, we had frequent work meetings at my house with her people. From that day on I disappeared from their radar“, introduced the social network x about the times when they worked in tandem with the current Minister of Human Capital.

The former advisor also maintained that the Libertarian cabinet official did not have equipment and that she still does not have it. “I hope that Javier Milei is not thinking that the formation of his government group is a task that he is going to solve.” the market with the invisible hand“, concluded Rodríguez, full of irony against the President, who at that time was in El Salvador to participate in the inauguration of the second term of Nayib Bukele.

Rodríguez resigned from a possible position before the assumption of Milei after questioning at that time the possible appointment of Luis Caputo as Minister of Economy, and on the other hand, after some controversial statements against the homosexual community.

On this occasion, Rodríguez shared a publication from a Spanish media in which statements by Milei were highlighted in relation to his position on the monetary issue.

“’We are going to send a law where broadcasting is a crime, and it is a crime against humanity. And if money is issued, the president of the Nation has to go to prison.’” are Milei’s statements that Rodríguez put in check from x.

It is not the first time that Milei refers to the issuance of money as a crime. “It must be said a thousand times, issuing to finance the fiscal deficit is a crime… It is not only the fault of the government but also of the opposition,” the president wrote in his book The end of inflation before being elected President.

Likewise, at the end of February Milei anticipated that he was going to present a bill to penalize anyone who issues money. The initiative includes effective imprisonment and would cover the Minister of Economy, the president of the Central Bank, the board of directors and other authorities that carry out monetary issuance as a practice.


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