Córdoba leaves a formidable Barça Atlètic without Second Division

Córdoba leaves a formidable Barça Atlètic without Second Division
Córdoba leaves a formidable Barça Atlètic without Second Division

Losing a final causes disappointment and infinite pain. He Barça Atlètic experienced in Cordova the disappointment of being separated from the Second Division at the last corner, but no one, not even a more veteran rival, will take away the pride of standing up to an average of twenty-something footballers. It couldn’t have been that epic that had been hard-won. But in football goals count and not intentions. The 2-1 of a Córdoba that knew how to take advantage of the field factor with the signing of Bullpen He woke them up from sleep. And even so, the culés deserve a loud applause.

Those of Rafa Marquez They did not start as favorites. Córdoba did, they set up a fan zone before and after the match and they openly confessed to having organized the events to celebrate the promotion. The two technicians were sensitive to what happened in the first leg. Both bet on the same block of players who ended the first round with a tie.

He Barça Atlético He found himself, however, with two rivals. In the field he was faced with a Cordova rocky, more experienced and with a First class profile. In the stands, a noisy crowd subjected him to corrosive pressure with shouts and insults to them and to the 150 fans, almost all of whom were family members, who stood in one of the corners of the stadium.

The start was promising. Taking advantage of the defensive gaps detected in the first leg, those of Marquez They created a first warning with a double shot by Marc Guiu and Moha that Marín destroyed. The Córdoba goalkeeper then excelled by stopping a foul Faye and watching a gunshot pass by Marc Bernal. Better positions, touching the ball judiciously, without revolutionizing their mood, and occupying spaces better, Barça Atlètic demanded attention as a contender. And it didn’t take long for him to show his claws.

After fifteen minutes, a great wall in the center of the field with Pau Vítor allowed Hector Fort make the run of his life to reach the area and uncover a missile and make it 0-1. A jug of cold water for a local fan who fell silent and who preferred to be warm with the 37 degrees that the thermometers showed. The Andalusians tried to react but in a somewhat disorderly manner and with stratagems that cost the goalkeeper a yellow for simulating a tackle by Guiu. The forward was one of their nightmares with some shots that went high.

But the locals did not collapse, nor did they give up. To the sound of a stand that pushed them, a play on the right wing ended with a cross that Bullpen He finished off with a placed header. He Archangel thundered. Without a clear proposal, Córo9ba tied the game, which went well for them due to the tie gave them promotion. A couple of incidents in the stands distracted the Blaugrana, who had a difficult time until the conclusion of the first half with nine long added minutes that the Marquez They became eternal.

The ball no longer had an owner, the race Ivan Ania they felt better. At that time they believed that promotion was within reach. And on top of that, two more minutes due to a clash of Faye with the fence. The first half lasted 56 long minutes. 1-1 that leaves everything open.

The second half was uncorked without as much heat but with the same emotion and intensity, although the game was slower, more cerebral, trying to control the timing better. Córdoba struck first with a shot from Diarra that came out. From this exchange of proposals, Barça came out worse off. The local insistence was already overwhelming until it caused an unforced defensive error that led to the local goal, 2-1. Marc Vidal and Casadó did not understand each other.

But if this team has something, it is that it grows in the face of adversity. And more outside the home. She tried until the end. The game got a little dirty with an entrance Married by Isma Ruiz. The tension increased the decibels. Barça did not give up and Márque resorted to his last two letters with Pocho, which gave him such good results at the Johan Cruyff and Angel Alarcón. Faye had it but it failed.



Marin; Albarrán, Lapeña, Barboza, Calderón; Carracedo, Diarra, Zalazar (75′, Simo), Isma Ruiz, Adilson; and Toril (75′ Houses).

Barça Atlètic

Marc Vidal; Fort, Pelayo (Angel Alarcón, 82′), Faye, Martín; Moha (77’Pocho), Casadó, Bernal; Pau Víctor, Guiu (64′ Dani H.) and Unai.

Goals: 0-1: Héctor Fort /14′); 1-1: Toril (33′); 2-1: Toril (64′)

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