Food scandal: the Government insisted before the Court that they will be delivered to vulnerable schools

Food scandal: the Government insisted before the Court that they will be delivered to vulnerable schools
Food scandal: the Government insisted before the Court that they will be delivered to vulnerable schools

Food warehouse in Villa Martelli

In a conciliatory tone that sought to leave behind the confrontation that had occurred since the case began, the Government gave him this Monday to federal judge Sebastián Casanello a complementary report on the delivery plan for the food retained in the Villa Martelli and Tucumán warehouses, axis of a controversial hearing between the leader Juan Grabois and the legal undersecretary of Human Capital Leila Gianni. In his letter, the Executive explained that the milk and corn flour that was about to expire had already been delivered and consulted about the Herb which had initially been said to be in poor condition and could now be consumed. He also reaffirmed that the rest of the products will be delivered vulnerable schools and revealed the decision to call on the provinces to participate in this distribution.

The presentation of the ministry of Sandra Pettovello It is the response to the new injunction that the judge had made on Friday, June 14, so that, within a period of 72 business hours, “complete compliance with the presentation” of the delivery schedule for those products. He also asked him to, in a documented manner, report what has been done so far. And he offered that some official, “responsible within the competent area, knowledgeable about the designed plan” is presented in court to “expand the information” in accordance with the parameters duly established in the resolution.

After more than a week, due to the repeated holidays, the representative of Human Capital delivered the official response. And the first thing he stressed is that “there are no differences in objectives between what was ordered by the Court and the decisions that had already been adopted at the headquarters of this Ministry, both evidently guided by the high purpose of contributing to alleviating the food needs of sectors “vulnerable.”

Throughout the writing he sought to show a change in attitude: from publicly calling Casanello a “militant judge” he now underlined “the laudable purposes pursued by the Court”. “We respectfully allow ourselves to remember that “the Ministry of Human Capital has as its main objective, which cannot be postponed and cannot be waived, that of protecting and assisting the most vulnerable population,” he insisted.

And emphasis was placed on “the special circumstances that determined that this Ministry ordered the immediate delivery of food products that were deposited (as stated for the specific purpose of facing and assisting in emergency and catastrophe situations)” and that “they had not been distributed by decision of the previous government.”

Grabois and Gianni in Comodoro Py 2002

From the letter that arrived at Casanello’s office it appears that The 465 tons of expiring milk powder and the stock of corn flour have already been delivered through the Conin foundation.which “for reasons of logistics, both storage and needs” was distributed in the Municipality of Capitán Sarmiento instead of the towns of San Isidro and Hurlingham.

“In relation to the distribution of food in the vulnerable schools -it was stated- We call on all provincial Ministries of Social Development to participate in the distribution of the food that this Ministry has in stock, as appears from the attached records. The percentages of food allocation in the participating provinces will be defined based on a logic of distributing food resources using the ICSE (Index of Social Context of Education)”, revealed Human Capital before Justice.

As stated, “The expression of will must be made within the peremptory period that runs from June 24 to 28 of the current. Once the aforementioned deadline has expired, we will work exclusively with the provinces that have decided to receive food to achieve, as quickly as possible, their delivery, which will be reported in detail to the Court as it is finalized. Accession will imply the obligation to proceed with the withdrawal, at the expense of the jurisdiction, of the food in the quantities and location established by a Collaboration Agreement that must be signed for this purpose. The first week of July, it was added, the judge will be informed of the jurisdictions that expressed their willingness to distribute food and the percentages that correspond to them of the total stock.

The Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello

At the time, The Government had also said that the stocked grass was in poor condition and was not suitable for human consumption. “Initially and as a preventive measure, it was concluded that they did not comply with the parameters established by the IRAM,” the letter states. However, it should be noted that having sent samples of that merchandise for analysis to the National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (SENASA), “The pertinent report has been received, accompanied by this document, from which it appears that the samples supplied would comply with the established parameters.”

“Based on the above, and with respect to the packages of yerba of the brands “EL BUEN OJO” and “SIERRA DEL IMAN”, VS is requested to indicate to this organization the temperament to be adopted in relation to the distribution of the aforementioned product. . In the event that this Ministry is told that it must be distributed, we propose including said product among the foods whose distribution will be carried out in vulnerable schools,” he added.

Human Capital accompanied in the writing the Report published by the International Monetary Fund, organization that – it was emphasized – highlights “the work that the Ministry of Human Capital has been carrying out in food matters so far” and the efforts that the government has made to assist people in vulnerable situations and the measures adopted to expand social benefits and improve your targeting. He also highlighted that efforts are being made, in collaboration with the World Bank, to improve the targeting and efficiency of social support, including by developing a plan to upgrade the current individual-level database to a household-level database.

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