CÓRDOBA BROTHERHOODS GROUP ELECTIONS | Manuel Murillo, elected president of the Association of Brotherhoods

CÓRDOBA BROTHERHOODS GROUP ELECTIONS | Manuel Murillo, elected president of the Association of Brotherhoods
CÓRDOBA BROTHERHOODS GROUP ELECTIONS | Manuel Murillo, elected president of the Association of Brotherhoods

Manuel Murillo, elected president of the Group of Brotherhoods of CórdobaPablo Cabrera

The Grouping of Brotherhoodsof the city celebrated this Tuesday the general election assembly, where the older brothers of the grouped brotherhoods they haveelected Manuel Murillo Estévez as new president of the highest brother entity.

The only candidacy presented obtained 46 votes in favor, 4 against and there were no abstentions. After the electoral council, the candidacy will be ratified by the bishop of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández, and later the inauguration will be set of the new governing board, which is expected to take place in the month of September.

Olga Caballero (i) and Manuel Murillo (d), this Tuesday, in the elections to the Group of Brotherhoods of Córdoba.

Manuel Murillo has been linked to the Association of Brotherhoods for almost twelve yearsand in these last four years, with Olga Caballero serving as a member of the Institutional Relations Committee. Murillo is a member of the brotherhood linked to the brotherhood of the Risen Oneof which he was the older brother between 2012-2016 and on whose governing board he remains today holding the position of charity and culture member.

The newly appointed president has entered these elections with a team formed by Manuel Bonilla, Cena’s older brother, for the position of first vice president, as well as legal representative. The second vice president, in charge of the Gloriesbe Bonifacio Gomez. As secretary there will be elder brother of Buen Suceso, José Antonio Fernándezwhile Antonio Susinelder brother of Angustias, will be the vice-secretary.

Voting attendees.

The position of treasurer will be held by Luis Luque and in the office of the penitence station it will be Rafael Lopez. Sarai Herrera repeats as artistic vocal; Manuel Luqueas a member of charity; Rosa Queroas a member of evangelization; Manuel Diazinstitutional relations; Manuel Lopezolder brother of the Cistercian, protocol and promotion member; Maria Gomez Youth member; Olga Caballero, relations with the Cathedral Chapter; and Antonio Jesús García Montes, communication.

The newly elected president of the Association of Brotherhoods, Manuel Murillo, comes to office with a lot of “excitement” willing to continue working for “the magnification of Holy Week” and with the desire, as he has indicated in his electoral program, that the Group does not function as an institution superior to the brotherhoods, but rather in joint cooperation with them.

Among the most important projects, the provide the Group of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods with a new headquarters. For this it will work so that it can be installed in the old convent of Santa Clara both the administrative headquarters and a cultural space to host both permanent and temporary exhibitions on brotherhood themes. Another aspect to highlight is the evangelizing workas well as training in economic and fiscal matters aimed at brotherhood treasuriespresenting projects that increase the agreements with public or private entities and convert them into new sources of income for the brotherhoods. You also want advance the collection of the subsidy by the brotherhoods. To this end, he suggests bringing forward the sale of box and chair tickets for the official race to November.

In this new mandate the new statutes of the Group with the desire that these adapt to the current reality of the Cordoban brotherhoods. In the cultural section, the new governing board will promote cultural projects as well as support for fellow artisans through the celebration of events such as Cofrade Fair of Spain and Latin America.

For this new governing board, communication is very important. Therefore, in this mandate it will become a peremptory task. Thus, the project aims to improve communication with brotherhoods and youth groups, in order to promote “a corporate image of the Group of closeness and unity through the promotion of social networks and the relationship with the media for the establishment of portals that accommodate the current events of each of our brotherhoods.”

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