ElRubius promises to give away 100 euros every time you die in one of the most difficult games in history

Rubén Doblas has promised something that has revolutionized his followers. He streamer He will do a live show in which he will give away 100 euros to a random viewer every time he dies in the DLC of the Elden Ring video game.

From Software’s video game is characterized by being one of the most difficult in history. For this reason, there is great expectation to see how much money ElRubius will have to spend to keep his word.

The vanguard

Image from the video game ‘Elden Ring’

Bandai Namco

One of the most difficult video games

Success. From Software has been dazzling critics for years with video games such as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Sekiro that have become instant classics. In 2022 he released Elden Ring, a video game with which he reached the peak of popularity and won the award for Best Video Game of the Year.

Challenge. Today Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is released, a long-awaited expansion that adds about 20 hours of additional adventure to the base video game. From Software video games stand out for having extremely high difficulty. It is for this reason that ElRubius is expected to end up donating a large amount of money on his live show.

Secret. The number of times that Rubén Doblas can be defeated is very high. Elden Ring is a video game in which skill can count for very little at first. The light begins to be seen when you are able to memorize attack patterns and dodge timing. And that takes a few hours.

In numbers. ElRubius’ post on X (formerly Twitter) has 1.8 million views. These are some of the best comments the publication has had:

  • “The trick is to say that you don’t know how to enter the DLC and that the controller doesn’t work. You are welcome.”
  • “My goodness, 100 euros. It is more profitable to watch this live show than to work.”
  • “My plan to be a millionaire: I’m going to create 100 Twitch accounts and I’m going to leave you the view.”

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