ZEISS CinCraft Scenario adapts to broadcast environments

ZEISS CinCraft Scenario adapts to broadcast environments
ZEISS CinCraft Scenario adapts to broadcast environments

Version 2.0 of Zeiss CinCraft Scenario software expands its compatibility to lenses outside the Zeiss and Arri/Zeiss ecosystem, expanding its possibilities in the broadcast field.

Zeiss CinCraft Scenario provides camera tracking data for use in real-time rendering engines for virtual production or live AR/XR, as well as allowing the user save data tracking for post-production. The system, initially limited to the Zeiss world and the fictional settingsexpands its reach through a version 2.0 which offers users templates for more than 90 objectives of over 10 series. In the words of Christophe Casenave, head of film products at Zeiss: “Until now, CinCraft Scenario has only been used by productions working with Zeiss and ARRI/Zeiss lenses. With this release, we make our camera tracking system available to many more users, including broadcasters.”

Version 2.0 of CinCraft Scenario also integrates the new tuner of goal templates. With this solution, users will be able to adjust the generic goal templates at specific characteristics of the objectives used in the corresponding project. In this way, they will be able to eliminate the complexity which is usually associated with the calibration of objectives. Additionally, CinCraft Scenario 2.0 allows users load and adjust lens calibrations previously created with Ncam Reality.

Zeiss has taken the opportunity to launch new independent software for PCs CinCraft Export 1.0which allows users export tracking data recorded to the standard file format of the FBX industryas well as STMaps lens distortion OpenEXR.

Version 2.0 of Zeiss CinCraft Scenario, which includes selected cine lens templates from ARRI, Cooke, Angenieux, Leitz and Fujinonand broadcast lenses Canon and Fujinon, It is now available. All available goal templates can be selected in the software at no cost, and more will be added gradually over the coming months.

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