How to defeat Ludwig in Bloodborne and its rewards

How to defeat Ludwig in Bloodborne and its rewards
How to defeat Ludwig in Bloodborne and its rewards

We teach you how to easily defeat Ludwig, the Holy Sword in Bloodborne and the final rewards that we will get by winning the fight

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In this Bloodborne guide we are going to see how to defeat Ludwig, the Holy Sword (either The damn), an optional boss part of the DLC: Ancient Hunters. We will find this boss in the Nightmare Churchwithin one’s own Hunter’s Nightmarealthough this area is somewhat different in the downloadable content.

  • Strategy against Ludwig
  • Rewards

We start with some tips for combat, in which we show you the boss’s weaknesses to defeat him without problems. Further down are the item rewards or blood echoes (the souls of this souls).

Strategy against Ludwig

Let’s see what is the best way or some tricks to easily kill this boss:

  • Base health: 16,658
  • The reality is that our stay in the DLC is going to become a real nightmare with this boss, it is a real challenge, but at least it is possible summon some NPCs. Among them the Old Hunter Henriett next to the second lamp of the Nightmare Church.
    • If you have the Caryll rune Impurity We can also call two spirits into combat, the Younger Madaras Brother and Valtr. All of the mentioned are very useful to serve as a distraction and support against the boss.
  • With or without the invocations the best will be play very patiently and observe their movements. Find a space to hit when one of his combos ends and move away again to repeat the process. If during the battle you use the environment to move and cover better, it can help you against several of Ludwig’s moves.
  • For the second phase things get a little more complicated, will draw a great swordwhich at getting close to the ground will make a great area attackwhile If the rise means that it is going to launch some waves in the form of slashes with the sword. It’s easy to stay close and surround him as long as he doesn’t hit us with his sword, but always move away with the area attack.


Finally, after defeating this boss we will obtain the following rewards:

  • 34,500 echoes of blood echoes of blood
  • 145,038 blood echoes in NJ+
  • Caryll Rune Guide

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