Eva Mendes explains why she decided to have children with Ryan Gosling after 40

If you are happy about something Eva Mendes It is from having been an older mother. “When I was 40, it was a big deal for people to be pregnant, and it wasn’t for me. And then I was 42 years old and pregnant with my second baby and People were like, ‘Oh my God, she’s going to be so tired. That’s why people have 20-year-old kids.'” And I thought, “That’s the most regrettable and stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” he reveals exclusively to the magazine. People.

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The actress de Ghost Rider, 50, says that the only thing he has the courage to do now is raise children, something he didn’t have when he was young. “More patience is needed. When I was 20, I shouldn’t have even been around a child. She was just foul-mouthed and smoked.. I couldn’t have raised children at any other time in my life, but now I sure do,” he says.

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Eva Mendes is the mother of two daughters, Esmeralda Amada, 9, and Amanda Lee, eight. The Cuban-born performer confessed that she had always believed that having children was not in her plans until she fell in love with Ryan Gosling, with whom she has been in a relationship for almost fourteen years and whom she met during the filming of the movie Crossroad in 2011. When they asked her what happened and why she changed her mind, Eva was clear: “What happened was Ryan Gosling. It began to make sense to me not to have children in general but to have their children. “It was something I specifically wanted to do with him.”

Now, her daughters are everything to her and Her decision to put acting aside to raise them was “the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my life.” “I was older and I knew that my daughters would be little one day, and anything I do or don’t do now will affect them for the rest of their lives.” “Everything matters when you have two little people looking at you all day. It’s scary, but it’s good because it makes me try to be a better person every day,” he says. For Eva, “they are just years of training” and it is a stage of her daughters that she did not want to miss.

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The last time Eva Mendes appeared in a film was in 2014, in Lost River, a film that marked Ryan Gosling’s debut as a film director precisely the same year in which he had his first daughter. During this last decade, in addition to raising his daughters, she has continued to develop his creative side with his fashion designs and has written a children’s story inspired by his daughterstitled Desi, mommy and the worries that never end.

Eva Mendes with one of her daughters

For his part, Ryan Gosling has had great success as Ken in the film Barbie for which he earned an Oscar nomination and sang the song I’m Just Ken at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Although they did not walk the red carpet together at the Academy Awards, Mendes did support him behind the scenes. “Always by my man’s side,” said. In another photograph, already inside the dressing room and backstage, the actress posed with Ken’s jacket and hat with which Ryan went out to perform, an ideal look with which she sent a message to her husband and some that another joke: “You managed to get Ken to the Oscars. Now, let’s go home, we have to put the girls to bed.”

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