Tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta at the Teatro Colón: David Lebón, Abel Pintos and other artists reviewed their eternal songs

Tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta at the Teatro Colón: David Lebón, Abel Pintos and other artists reviewed their eternal songs
Tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta at the Teatro Colón: David Lebón, Abel Pintos and other artists reviewed their eternal songs

David Lebón performed “Despiértate Nena”, from the time of Pescado Rabioso (Videos: Olga)

“Are you ready for Spinetta Day? Because we do.” Olga’s networks woke up symbolically transmitting from the Teatro Colón, where they were going to honor the work of Luis Alberto Spinetta. As had already happened with Gustavo Cerati and with Patricio Rey and his Ricotta Roundsthe program I dreamed that I was flying conducted by Migue Granados presented a conceptual day between emotions, songs and anecdotes, all supervised by the unmatched magic of one of the most important artists in the country.

The usual table of the René Favaloro studio on Humboldt and Cabrera moved to the emblematic building on Plaza Lavalle. From there came the Granados cycle and Lucas Friedmanwhich had the company of Catarinaone of Flaco’s daughters, and the participation of Sergio Marchi, biography author magic noise. The evening ran between historical Argentine rock songs signed by Luis and anecdotes from his life, some first-hand in Catarina’s voice, and also from the musicians and in messages from listeners.

Nahuel Pennisi at Olga’s Spinetta Day

The DJ spoke about how her father approached art in a particular way that transcends generations and his own existence: “He is an enlightener of the world, someone who has an open channel for all the data to pass to him. AND he knew he was conveying something that he liked her with all her gifts.”

Catarina assured that all this information did not come from academia but from intuition and curiosity. “She didn’t read music, nor did she go to the conservatory. “Everything by ear,” she noted. And when asked about her relationship with the other rock greats here, she stated that the only one she was a “real friend” with was Fito Paez. “With the other monsters there was good vibes, mutual admiration. With Charly García had an understanding from the moment they looked at each other… it was a lot of energy”, he detailed.

Spinetta day in Olga – Germán Tripel and “Continue living without your love”

To accompany the artists, a luxury band was formed with musicians who accompanied Spinetta at different times in his career. The guitarists Baltasar Comotto and Guillermo Arromthe bassist Javier Malosetti, the drummer Sergio Verdinelli and the multi-instrumentalist Fontana Monkeywho showed their versatility to play from raw rock and roll to jazz rock, through songs and the folkloric and tango air that hovers over Flaco’s work.

The songs and the performers were a sample of the generational scope and styles that were influenced by Luis. Nahuel Pennisi interpreted “Bleeding Peach”, Benja Amadeo “All the leaves are from the wind”, Light Gaggi “Fine white linen”, Lisandro Aristimuno “Maribel fell asleep,” and Ruben Goldin “Porteño summary”, German Trippel “Keep living without your Love”, Ca7riel “Captain Beto’s ring and Mery Granados “Stay or leave.”

Olivia Firpo thrilled everyone at Spinetta Day

As had happened in Cerati Day, Olga’s staff also passed the stage. Migue Granados performed “Camafeo” and Lucas Fridman performed “I pray for you” -”75 percent from my dad, 25 from Charly”according to Catarina – accompanied by the Vocata trio of voices that had previously performed “Don’t get so far from me” in pure swing.

One of the most emotional moments was generated by Olivia Firpo and her viral story of recent days. The teenager had approached Olga’s door to request entry, with a sign as her only argument. “I’m 16 years old and I play Spinetta”. Granados introduced her and the team was so captivated by her performance that he added her to the lineup. Hours later, she was singing “Barro perhaps,” accompanied by Javier Malosetti on the stage of the Teatro Colón.

Spinetta day in Olga – Ca7riel performed “Captain Beto’s Ring”

El Colón – the place where Luis played for the first time in 2002 presenting Silver Sorghum – showed a different profile than usual. The public, who had lined up for more than seven blocks, filled the venue, sang the songs and connected in a way so typical of the Spinetta universe. And he collaborated with donations to the Yes Foundation.”It was important that it had a seal of solidarity, as dad would have liked.”Catarina noted.

The closing was a luxury for everyone present. First, Lula Bertoldi, singer and guitarist of Eruca Sativa, proposed a trip to Luis’s first stage. “Today I came with an Almond look”, he said in reference to his white and pink look, distinctive from the quartet’s debut album. He also read a fragment of “To these sad men”, but when it came time to play he chose one from Pescado, “Post crucifixion”with its unforgettable and powerful riff ideal for its style.

Rubén Goldín made “Resumen porteño”, one of the most acclaimed versions

Wearing a brown coat and dark glasses, Abel Pintos burst onto the stage with all his gratitude. “Thank you for being supportive and playing with this band is a dream come true,” said the man from Bahia before covering “Bajan.” At the end of his performance, he sat down at the table to tell what his Spinettean approach was like. “I heard it for the first time through Mercedes Sosa, she was my Google of music“, admitted the author of “Motivos” about the mythical Negra.

Abel told an anecdote that proves the magic that Luis’s work emanated. “Once in Bahía Blanca I saw some posters for a show of his, I bought a ticket to see it and I got a trip to sign my first contracts. When I signed with Sony they gave me the Estrelicia unplugged. It was a nice meeting, because I missed the show but I was able to listen to that album and I was amazed.“, he recalled, and stopped especially at “Durazno bleeding”, the song that opens that concert on MTV. “It moved me,” she summarized.

Luz Gaggi and “Fine White Clothes”

The end was approaching, but first Catarina left a few words as spokesperson for the family. “It’s a beautiful place, with new and old generations from all over. My mission is to expand his legacy, which expands on its own, like music.“, he expressed, before introducing the last artist of the night as “the uncle.”

The aforementioned was David Lebon, Luis Alberto’s partner in Pescado Rabioso, whom he greeted with an emotional hug. As expected, he did “Despiértate nana,” with that immortal guitar riff. There was an encore, and although it was also obvious, it did not fail to excite. “Paper Eyes Girl”, with the acoustics of Mono Fontana and the voices of artists, conductors and the public. Like so many other times, and like so many times to come. One that we all know, that connects with the deepest part of the soul. Until you laugh, or even cry.

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