Relatives of five girls held hostage by Hamas publish the video of their kidnapping – AlbertoNews

Relatives of five girls held hostage by Hamas publish the video of their kidnapping – AlbertoNews
Relatives of five girls held hostage by Hamas publish the video of their kidnapping – AlbertoNews

The relatives of five of the Israeli girl soldiers who are among the Hamas hostages in Gaza decided to publish this Wednesday the video that captures the moment in which they were kidnapped on October 7, during the attacks of the Palestinian group, on the base. military of Nahal Oz, in the south of Israel.


The video, captured by the body cameras of Hamas fighters and lasting just over three minutes, shows images of the young women Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa and Naama Levy bloodied and tied against the wall after being captured. by the militiamen in the shelter of the military base, where they were hiding.

In the images, released before the meeting scheduled for today of the Israeli Government, it is also seen how one of the combatants addresses one of the girls and says: “I want you to shut up and sit down! Our brothers have died because of you and we are going to shoot you all.

In another fragment of the video, one of the militiamen is heard saying: “Here are the girls who can get pregnant. “They are the Zionists.”

“We did not believe that this would last so long, and the world needs to know that Hamas is still holding young and innocent women who are not to blame for anything,” Sasha Ariev, sister of hostage Karina Ariev, 19, told EFE. .

«We feel that there is less and less hope. In the international media we only see images of Gaza and no one talks about our hostages anymore. They don’t care. With this video we seek to put pressure on Hamas, Qatar and the United States,” Ashley Agam, Agam Berger’s cousin, also 19 years old, explained to EFE.

“With each passing day, it becomes more difficult to bring the hostages home: the living for rehabilitation and the murdered for a proper burial. The Israeli Government must not waste another moment, it must return to the negotiating table today,” the forum of the hostages’ relatives published in a statement today.

The girl soldiers stationed at the Nahal Oz base were in charge of surveillance tasks. Months before the October 7 attack, they notified the Army of seeing suspicious movements on the border between Gaza and Israel.

During that morning, at least 15 female soldiers died and seven of them were kidnapped, among whom was Ori Megidsh, 18 years old, who was rescued on October 30 by the Israeli Army after 23 days of captivity and Noa Maricano died during her kidnapping. and his body was recovered by Israeli forces.

The other five girl soldiers, most between 19 and 20 years old, remain in Hamas captivity after 229 days of war, while negotiations to reach a truce pact between the Palestinian group and Israel remain stagnant.

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