Trump campaign begins accepting election donations in cryptocurrencies

Trump campaign begins accepting election donations in cryptocurrencies
Trump campaign begins accepting election donations in cryptocurrencies

Washington, May 22 (EFE).- Former Republican President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election in November, has begun accepting donations in cryptocurrencies and is the first candidate of a party that allows contributions in these digital assets, as reported this Wednesday his campaign.

The Trump campaign launched a fundraising page that gives any federally authorized donor the ability to contribute, through its joint fundraising committees, using any cryptocurrency accepted through the Coinbase platform.

“This addition to President Trump’s already innovative digital fundraising operation marks the first time a major party presidential candidate has embraced cryptocurrency for donations,” a campaign statement said.

“Contribution limits and disclosure requirements for crypto donations will follow Federal Election Commission regulations,” he added.

In April, the virtual Republican presidential candidate Trump collected campaign donations worth $76 million and it was the first time he surpassed his rival, President Joe Biden, who collected $51 million.

Election finance reports indicate that Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee entered May with $146 million in their treasuries, while Trump and the Republican National Committee had $88 million available.

With just over five months left until the election, Democrat Biden appears to be trailing Trump in a series of opinion polls, although the difference is generally within the margin of error.

But the Trump campaign continues to spend on the legal defense of the presumptive candidate now on trial in New York, and with cases open on a total of 91 federal and state charges in Florida, Georgia and the District of Columbia, documents show. campaign money declaration.

Trump has resorted to various efforts to attract financial contributions, including the sale of a book containing the Bible, founding documents of the republic and the song “God Bless the USA,” and his son Donald has produced numerous videos pleading with voters for donations for his father’s re-election. EFE


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