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The driver and comedian Migue Granados consolidated, once again, its streaming channel OLGA as a reference platform for musical tributes in Argentina. On this occasion, the most recent event, called “Spinetta Day“, took place this Wednesday, May 22 at the Teatro Colón, paying tribute to the legendary musician Luis Alberto Spinetta.

It is not the first time that Granados organizes this type of event, since they had previously held “Cerati Day” and “Un Día Redondo”, in honor of Gustavo Cerati and Patricio Rey and their Redonditos de Ricota, respectively.

Who sang at Spinetta Day

The event was masterfully hosted by Migue Granados, accompanied by Lucas Fridman and Catarina Spinetta, daughter of the honoree. The day began emotionally with Nahuel Pennisi performing “Durazno bleeding”. His gratitude to the public and to Luis Alberto Spinetta set the tone of the tribute. Next, Benjamín Amadeo delighted the audience with “All the leaves are from the wind” and Luz Gaggi performed “Fina ropa blanca.”

As the morning progressed, Lisandro Aristimuño took the stage to perform “Maribel se dormió,” followed by the Vocat trio with “No te aleje tan de mí.” The live broadcast of the event exceeded 100,000 views, showing the magnitude of the tribute. Migue Granados also had his musical moment, surprising the audience with his performance of “Camafeo.”

The final leg of the event featured performances by some of the most anticipated musicians. Abel Pintosdressed as Neo, performed “Bajan”, and David Lebon, after an emotional hug with Catarina Spinetta, closed with “Despiértate nena.” The grand finale brought together many of the artists in a joint performance of “Paper Eyed Girl,” creating an unforgettable closing. Among the highlights of the last hour of the event were Mery Granados with “Stay or Go”, Tripa with “Continue Living Without Your Love”, the young Olivia Firpo with “Barro Maybe”, Lula Bertoldi with “Post Crucifixion” and Lucas Fridman with Vocat with “I pray for you”.

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