stellar with ‘I’ll never love again’

stellar with ‘I’ll never love again’
stellar with ‘I’ll never love again’

The very long ovation that has been received Pastora Soler in Your face sounds familiar to me 11 can reflect what has happened on stage. Also the tears that have been seen in Lolita Flores and in contestants like Supremme de Luxe and Julia. All of this has been caused by the stellar imitation that the Sevillian singer has made of Lady Gaga singing ‘I’ll never love again’, one of the most moving and powerful ballads from the film ‘A star is born’.

Success was announced: a diva imitating another diva. Expectations have even fallen short of the overwhelming performance seen on stage. Sensitivity, strength, passion, emotions to leave the audience breathless. Pastora has shown why she is one of the most talented artists with the greatest capacity to transmit and touch the heart, now that she is celebrating 30 years in music.

The singer, who He imitated Celine Dion in the second season of Your face sounds familiar to mehas returned, again as a guest, to star in another unforgettable moment. Press play and let yourself be moved by this performance!

The final stretch of Gala 10 has had a very high sentimental component because the person in charge of closing the numbers of the contestants has been Raquel Sanchez Silva imitating Luz Casal. Few songs like ‘Think of me’ to give you goosebumps.

The presenter has paid great tribute to this ballad and to the Galician artist, whom she has studied down to the smallest detail. The nasality of her voice, her way of pronouncing and her gestures, have all been traced into a moving performance.

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