Major search operation for a missing child in Corrientes | Loan Peña had gone out with her cousins ​​to look for oranges

Major search operation for a missing child in Corrientes | Loan Peña had gone out with her cousins ​​to look for oranges
Major search operation for a missing child in Corrientes | Loan Peña had gone out with her cousins ​​to look for oranges

He five-year-old boy who disappeared this Thursday in the Corrientes town of 9 de Julio He continues to be searched by more than 200 police officers with dogs and drones. The last three people who saw the boy were delayed.

The Ministry of National Security, together with the Federal Search System for Missing and Missing Persons (SIFEBU), activated the Sofia Alert Program to begin search tasks with the aim of finding the whereabouts of the minor.

The portfolio authorities held a meeting with the Minister of Security of Corrientes, Buenaventura Duarte, and the provincial police chief, Armando Molina. “Three people were detained, who were the last to see the boy and were at a lunch for San Antonio Day”Buenaventura told local media.

Regarding Loan’s whereabouts, within the hypotheses of whether he left the province or if he is still in the Molina area, he said: “We are doing a strong job because we estimate that it could be found here in the area”. On the other hand, they announced that during Friday night, searches were carried out in the homes near the place.

To the nearly 150 uniformed officers from different departments in the area and from the Priar dependent on Regional Unit II of Goya, They were joined on Friday morning by several dozen more police officers, the Drones Division and dogs of the Paso Canes Division of the Libres. The Goya Fiscal Unit intervenes in the case.

The fact

Loan Danilo Peña was last seen in the Algarrobal area. The boy is 0.90 meters tall, weighs 26 kilos, has a dark complexion, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Additionally, he has a scar on his head, right where he has a cowlick. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a black soccer shirt, pants, and cleats.

The boy would have gone out around 3 p.m. this Thursday with his cousins ​​to look for oranges. According to one of the versions, his relatives returned before sunset but without Loan. When they returned, the children told the little boy’s father that he had gone ahead of them.. Seeing that the baby did not arrive, they decided to go out to look for him.

That day, the boy had not had classes and, for that reason, he went with his father to visit his grandmother in the countryside. That was when he and his cousins ​​took the opportunity to go out to pick fruit at nap time and they would have arrived at an abandoned house.

“It’s all very strange. Loan was very lively, he was not going to give up easily, he talks a lot. “There is something strange here” said Mariano, the boy’s older brother. “We don’t rule out anything, but I believe he is safe and sound. “My little brother is very strong,” he said hopefully.

Regarding the search operation, he commented: “We will see where the dogs guide us to find him. It will be all right. Yes or if we have to have something new during the day. I don’t know if they gave data or anything about it. I have to go to town now. It’s time for us to know something, for us to have some news about my brother.”

Sofia Alert

In Argentina, in 2019 the “Alerta Sofía” program was created, promoted by the Ministry of National Security and coordinated through the Federal Search System for Missing and Lost Persons (Sifebu). The initiative is motivated based on the case of Sofía Herrera, the girl who disappeared at the age of 3 on September 28, 2008 in a campsite in the Fuegian city of Río Grande.

This is a rapid emergency alert system in Argentina for the immediate search and location of missing girls, boys and adolescents who are at “Imminent High Risk”.

Any information about the minor can be provided through the Ministry of Security website or through the free Alerta Sofía line at 134.

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