Nicole Neumann’s tender post to announce Cruz’s arrival and how Indiana, Allegra and Sienna reacted

Nicole Neumann’s tender post to announce Cruz’s arrival and how Indiana, Allegra and Sienna reacted
Nicole Neumann’s tender post to announce Cruz’s arrival and how Indiana, Allegra and Sienna reacted


Yesterday, Nicole Neumann and Manuel Urcera became Cruz’s parents, and the family was there to accompany the happy moment. Her little one, his first son and her first male heir, came into the world at the Suizo Argentina Maternity Clinic. How did Indiana, Allegra and Sienna, his three older sisters, react? This morning, a cell phone Show Partners He went to the place to learn more details about the birth of the little one. “It was a scheduled cesarean section, she arrived on June 18 under the sign of Gemini. Cruz has arrived, I hope he is the little angel who comes to bring peace to this blended family,” reported the notary Walle Leiva from the door of the clinic.

Nicole Neumann’s daughters posed with her at the model’s wedding and Indiana caressed her belly(Source: Instagram/@Gossipeame)

After confirming that Cruz was born with 50 centimeters and 3,700 kilograms, he said that he is with Nicole and Manuel and that he also His sisters and Gegé Neumann went to visit the baby., the sister of the model and host. “All is love, harmony and tranquility”completed the report.

“Was it three?” driver Adrián Pallares wanted to know from the floor. The question sought to inquire above all about the presence of Indiana, who had a strong confrontation with her mother and was estranged from her. Even the eldest of Neumann’s daughters with her ex-husband, Fabián Cubero, decided last year to move into her father’s house. Over time, the internal family seems to have calmed down. “The three came yesterday to meet his little brother,” Leiva confirmed. In addition, she recalled that now the girls have two little brothers: Cruz and Luca, the son that Cubero had with his current wife, Micaela Viciconte.

For his part, Neumann shared Cruz’s birth with a tender photo on his Instagram account, where you can see the child’s feet next to his parents’ hands. “Welcome Cruz! We wish you and wait with all our hearts! And today you are in our arms! We love you! Dad, mom and your sisters,” he wrote next to the image.

The news of the model’s pregnancy became known in December 2023. It was Ángel de Brito who, amid speculation, confirmed the information. In that sense, the host made reference to the annoyance that the model had at that time due to the leak of the news, given that she wanted to wait until the day of her wedding with Urcera to tell it and share it with her loved ones. .

As for the name they were going to choose for the baby, there was also a lot of speculation. At the beginning of May, Yanina Latorre revealed which one she had convinced them of. “He is a man and his name is Cruz. They were between Vito and Cruz. She is waiting for June and is very happy,” said the panelist in THE M (America), before the watchful eye of his colleagues in the cycle.

A little over a month ago, Neumann surprised her followers with a tender series of photos showing the progress of her pregnancy. Through the images, he sought to make clear the union between the members of his family. However, one particular message caught everyone’s attention, after pointing out those who criticize her for her alleged fight with her daughter Indiana.

Nicole Neumann posed with her three daughters and went out to the crossroads of those who speculate that she had a fight with Indiana Cubero(Source: Instagram/@@nikitaneumannoficial)

In January 2023, Nicole and her eldest daughter went through a difficult time. There was even talk of alleged abuse, but as the months went by this was denied by the model and, in October, both began a path of reconciliation. After Nicole’s marriage to Urcera last December and what the imminent arrival of a new baby in the family means, the bond strengthened. Even though everything began to straighten out, the jury of The 8 steps (eltrece) received different messages and criticism about the relationship he has with Indiana.

As a blunt response, Neumann posed with her three daughters and her husband and left a clear message for the media and the people: “My family, I love you. Party of 6. Keep talking… for those who don’t understand. “They don’t even know anything and they only criticize for having a flat and ruined life.” Clear and concise, without more or less words, she pointed out that she lives the best moment with her loved ones.

Nicole Neumann posed with her dogs and Manu Urcera in the garden of her house(Source: Instagram/@nikitaneumannoficial)

His words came along with the photo session he organized in the patio of his house with Urcera and the girls. There she posed happily with her big belly and even she was encouraged to share the meaning of the name chosen for her son. “It is a symbol that is known as the key of life or roasted cross. It also corresponds to an Egyptian hieroglyph that means life or eternal life. In the old empire, only the pharaoh was worthy of wearing it, but in the new empire it was a sign that all Egyptians could use,” she explained.


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