RTVE Play prepares the arrival of advertising to the platform

Streaming services continue to adopt advertising with the intention of moving forward and, at this point, it is already clear that there will be no platform that will be left without this source of income. Because if even RTVE Play is preparing to have advertisements, it is obvious that it is going to be something widespread. What exactly is the Spanish Radio and Television streaming platform preparing?

News reaches the network of how RTVE has managed to secure a budget worth 4.6 million euros to work on the complete redesign of its RTVE Play streaming platform. The truth is that the latest version of this service is not that far away and a short time ago changes were made to justify the implementation of mandatory registration. Even so, more changes are already in hand that will be the result of this new investment.

Advertising in front

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is strange that RTVE Play, being the platform it is, is going to incorporate advertising. If in theory the entity’s channels do not have advertisements, it would be logical that there would not be any in the streaming service either. Furthermore, the months that we have been enjoying the service, which we have acknowledged on several occasions has been above our expectations, they have been very satisfactory.

But if we consider that we will soon have to endure ads, we begin to feel less happy with using the platform. Of course, we will have to see under what conditions and in what volume we have the advertisements, but it is a shame to know that it is something that will end up arriving shortly. And if you’re wondering, yes, it is possible that RTVE Play has ads, since there are a series of clauses that allow RTVE to incorporate advertising.

What other changes are on the way?

Although we assume the worst thinking about the moment when the advertisements arrive, the reality is that the progress of the platform should get better. The investment of more than 4 million euros It will have other objectives and not just the modification to place advertising. One of the things that will be improved will be their free registration system, which at the moment is not as intuitive as it could be. They will also renew the platform’s search engine, which will be very useful considering that, today, it is not one of its best features.

One of the main problems with RTVE Play is that there are huge amounts of content, but reaching or discovering them is not easy at all. This causes many missed opportunities to please users. In addition to this, it is also planned to develop CDP software that will serve to better gather and analyze user data. This will be a way with which the platform will be able to analyze the tastes or playback histories of users and then propose more content that may be of interest to them. That is, something similar to what Netflix or Max have and that will help us get more out of the service.

By the end we have left the latest news: original productions. RTVE Play confirms that it will have exclusive programming, so it will not only be a reflection of what is being broadcast on channels such as La 1 or already known content. That will be an important asset that could give a notable boost to the service, especially if it manages to reach a large audience. For the moment, however, we will have to wait to find out more about these plans. Most likely, there will still be months until the advertising and other new features of RTVE Play are integrated, but you never know.

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