“I qualified as a professional manicurist” – Publimetro Chile

“I qualified as a professional manicurist” – Publimetro Chile
“I qualified as a professional manicurist” – Publimetro Chile

Jennifer Galvarini, more like Pincoya, shared with her followers great news that has her jumping on one foot. The Big Brother finalist announced that she finally obtained her certification as a professional manicurist.

It was at the beginning of April that Pincoya announced on his social networks that he had embarked on this new professional project and, now, with enthusiasm, he confirmed that he had passed the course without difficulties.

In a post on Instagram, addressed to his followers, Pincoya expressed his joy when sharing the news: “Lulitos, I want to share with you that I qualified as a professional manicurist. I’m very happy”.


In an interview with Página 7, the Chiloé native explained the process behind her decision to obtain this certification. She revealed that she had studied at the Andrés Bello University before the outbreak of the pandemic, but unfortunately she was not able to practice the profession.

However, after the reality show, he took advantage of his time in Santiago to take courses and study manicure, with the aim of acquiring new skills and knowledge in the field.

Pincoya shared his motivation for pursuing this additional certification. “I had my certificate, but I feel like I was missing it. She said, ‘how am I going to polish nails if I don’t know the technique well’. I decided, being in Santiago, to take advantage of the time and take courses and study”he held to the middle.

“That is the most rewarding thing for one, learning, training. I’m super happy, it went pretty well for me. I intend to take other courses again. The training was super good”he added.

The former Big Brother participant also revealed her future plans. “Later I want to see the possibility and settle here with a manicure shop and practice, but in the long term,” she revealed, adding that “it is good to train.”

“I call on all women my age, that just because they work in something else, they cannot continue studying. It is the most beautiful thing”said the chilota.

In addition to her interest in manicures, Pincoya mentioned other fields that interest her, such as aromatherapy, reiki and Bach flowers. “Studying is a personal therapy for one. All of us can train ourselves in different things. I also like aromatherapy, reiki, bach flowers. They also do not require tremendous hours, but they do require dedication,” the influencer concluded.

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