What did Bárbara Mori do before starring in Rubí?: These were her beginnings

What did Bárbara Mori do before starring in Rubí?: These were her beginnings
What did Bárbara Mori do before starring in Rubí?: These were her beginnings

The afternoons of Snail Television They will be surrounded by the captivating story of Rubí, a woman who will do the impossible to achieve her goal. This production, which has been an international success, became the consecration of Bárbara Mori as an actresswho since that moment has been an entertainment star, however, his life was not always like this.

What was Bárbara Mori doing before Rubí?

From the age of 14 this actress started workingaccording to what he said in an interview with Silvestre López Portillosince he had the desire to save enough money to be able to leave his home, because things there did not provide him with the best environment to grow and had left him wounds that he wanted to heal.
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It is because of that His first job was in his father’s pizzeria.whose profits she divided in two: one part for her family and the other for herself, since she was focused on saving it even if it was not as easy as she thought: “It was very difficult because I didn’t earn very well”.

Not seeing the results she expected, Bárbara Mori decided to start working in bars secretly from her father, so she she was a dancer and bartender. Faced with this, the actress said that beyond her work this was a school of life.

In the middle of this, one of the customers who went to the pizzeria very often had a modeling agencywho told her that she should do commercials thanks to her profile, however, her father did not agree with her getting into this, but her partner convinced him and allowed her to try in this world.
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Initially, not everything was as expected, because although she had made several attempts, she was rejected in different projects, which made her take charge of casting the models and thus get money. Time after, won to be part of a chewing gum brand’s campaignin which only the back of his head was seen.

Feeling comfortable in front of the cameras and after fighting so much to earn a space in this industry, the actress He joined Sergio Jiménez’s workshop at Televisa and thus began her career, whose highest peak was achieved by starring in Rubí.

Where is Barbara Mori from?

The actress is a native of Uruguay, who throughout his childhood lived between this country and Mexico until at the age of 12 his family settled in the Aztec territory. According to the renowned actress, this constant change of location could have been due to her father’s job, since if she was not successful she preferred to change locations until she did well or found stability.

At once, Barbara Mori confessed that her childhood was not easysince her mother left them when she was 3 years old and her father suffered from alcoholism, which made her want to leave home from a very young age.
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