Juan Manuel Vesga had to apologize to his colleagues after recording “Devuélveme la vida”

Juan Manuel Vesga had to apologize to his colleagues after recording “Devuélveme la vida”
Juan Manuel Vesga had to apologize to his colleagues after recording “Devuélveme la vida”

Despite the complexity of his character, Vesga continues to deliver a powerful performance in “Devuélveme La Vida,” demonstrating his ability to explore the darkest facets of human nature while maintaining a deep respect for his co-workers and their art.

Juan Manuel Vesga in “Devuélveme la vida”. Photo taken from social networks/VANGUARDIA

Amid the emotional intensity and unpleasant nature of his character in the successful series “Devuélveme La Vida”, actor Carlos Manuel Vesga, who plays Alfredo Azcárate, has shared his personal process when playing one of the most controversial characters from the television.

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Alfredo Azcárate is portrayed as a cruel, misogynistic, classist and unempathetic man, which makes him an unpleasant character for both viewers and his co-stars. Vesga confesses that embodying this character was a real challenge and a complex task, given his antagonistic and repulsive nature.

However, after each scene, Vesga approached his set colleagues, whom he had insulted in fiction, to remind them that this behavior did not represent his true personality. “Hey, always keep in mind that this is a character, this is not me. I love you very much,” mentions the actor, highlighting the importance of separating fiction from reality in the creative process.

Likewise, Vesga reveals that at the end of each take, he felt the need to apologize to his colleagues for the way he had treated his characters. This attitude highlights the actor’s commitment to the integrity of his colleagues and his professional ethics, showing deep respect for the emotional impact that performances can generate on set.

“Devuélveme La Vida” has been acclaimed for its moving plot that transcends romance, addressing relevant social issues such as racial discrimination and power struggles in the society of the time. The series, set in the 50s and 70s, follows the epic story of forbidden love between Mariana Azcárate and Joaquín Mosquera, facing obstacles imposed by the social rigidity and conservatism of the time.

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