Chilean television is in the red

Image: Reynaldo Coria

Over the years, Chilean television has suffered a growing economic deficitmoving away from the time of prosperity that characterized the beginning of the 2020s.

The financial results for the 2023 period are a clear example, with two of the seven national channels reporting profitsalthough they also experienced a decline over the past year.

According to the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF), Mega and Chilevisión are the only signals that achieved profits with $8,766 and $1,231 million, respectively. On the contrary, Channel 13 together with National Television (TVN) they had negative reports in their periods; the first recorded $2,294 million in losseswhile the public signal recorded a deficit of $2,019 million.

The main reasons for this situation are due to the decrease in income in usual activitiesadded to an increase in the cost of sales.

What happened to the other television channels?

If these figures impacted the stations with the largest audience on the “small screen”, smaller television channels experienced even worse consequences of the crisisincurring million-dollar losses.

One of the most affected is Network, that obtained red numbers for $10,602 millionbecoming the most affected chain in 2023.

Telechannelfor its part, was ranked as the third channel with the highest deficit record losses of $1,130 million. While, TV+ He also lived a complex year when finalizing a deficit of $594 million, leaving behind the profits received in 2022 of $154 million.

Open television financial statements 2023
Source: Commission for the Financial Market (CMF)
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