The 0 KM test was defined in Big Brother: who chose the winning key and took the car

In addition to the definition of the vehicle, the most famous house in the country had its nominees gala, where once again there were surprises.

Who won the car on Big Brother? Photo: video capture.

This Monday in Big Brother had started the test for the car 0 km, which in the middle had a confrontation between Mauro and Santiago del Moro. Days later the long-awaited definition arrived, along with the leadership and the nomination gala.

The competition began on Monday with some surprises, when first the participants they had to nominate to choose the two teammates who were left out of the game: Martin and Mauro.

Then they had to select keys until finding the winner, something that only happened this Wednesday. In that sense, Zoe after several failed opportunities he kept the car and the leadership. The winning key was 64.

Zoe won the car on Big Brother. Video: Telefe.

The participant took the vehicle but also It is a leader: He is immune in the nominations and on Thursday he will have to define the plate by removing one player and adding another.

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Who are the new Big Brother nominees?

Big Brother defined this Wednesday the test to win the 0KM car and the leader, and minutes apart, it was carried out the nomination.

The Big Brother nominees. Photo: Telefe. The Big Brother nominees. Photo: Telefe.

With Fury already on board due to a sanction and Zoe as leader and immune, the players voted and a board of six participants was formed, which will be modified this Thursday if no unforeseen events arise. The plate was made up of Furia, Mauro, Darío, Emmanuel, Florencia and Martín.

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