Fan invaded Euro Cup match and drove guards crazy

by Jean Patrick Mardones

Saturday June 15, 2024 | 18:11

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A fan defied security at the match between Italy and Albania in the Euro Cup, mocking the guards and managing to enter the playing field, interrupting the match. Despite eluding the guards, he was eventually caught and pulled off the grass with the help of the Albanian players. The punishment he will face is still unknown, but this incident will undoubtedly put security officials on alert. In other results, Italy beat Albania 2-1 on the first date of group B, while Spain leads after beating Croatia 3-0.

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A not so unusual, but daring action took place in the duel between Italy and Albaniaafter a fan mocked the german securitywill enter the playing field and begin to drive the fans crazy. guards while the game was in play.

Security on German soil is known to be ruthless, but the fan managed to mock those who were in charge of avoiding precisely this type of situations in a tournament that is broadcast to the whole world.

The truth is that the fan entered the playing fieldbegan to avoid hideouts and later, already showing obvious signs of exhaustion, he was caught by stadium security and taken out of the grass.

However, faced with the sudden tugs of security, the players of Albania They arrived to help him and thus, the fan was able to leave the playing field sheltered.

It is not yet known what his punishment will be, but it will surely be a situation that puts those in charge of security at the various stadiums even more on alert. Euro Cup.

Notably Italy beat Albania by 2 to 1 on the first date of group B of the continental competition in the Old continentarea where Spain It is the leader after defeating Croatia 3 to 0 during the morning.

Check out the video of the fan mocking stadium security at the Euro Cup


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