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Monday June 17, 2024

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Headlines of the most outstanding news of national and international news on Monday.

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International News

* Biden attacks Supreme Court in raising US$30 million with Obama.

* Le Pen announced that she will work with Macron if her party wins the legislative elections in France: “I am not pursuing institutional chaos.”

* World leaders sign declaration for nuclear security at the Ukraine Peace Summit.

* China joined Russia on the G7 adversaries list.

* Brazil, Mexico and ten other countries did not sign the Ukraine Peace Summit declaration.

* After the Summit in Switzerland, Volodimir Zelensky warned that Russia is not prepared for peace in Ukraine.

* Ursula von der Leyen argued that Putin poses “outrageous” conditions to achieve peace in Ukraine.

* Russia can negotiate peace “tomorrow if it withdraws from our territory,” Zelensky said.

* Zelensky in Switzerland: There will be no lasting peace without territorial integrity, covered by CNN.

* US$41 billion in damages in just six months due to the cost of climate change.

National News

* Around 3:00 in the afternoon on June 16, on the road between Timba, Cauca and Robles (Jamundí), the vehicle in which Sigifredo Márquez Trujillo, father of Francia Márquez, was traveling, was hit with four gunshots. armed men on a motorcycle.

* “They emerged unharmed from the attack and are fine”: Francia Márquez on the attack on her father in Cauca.

* Petro asked authorities to begin investigations into the attack in Jamundí.

* “They are attacking magistrates like they attacked Laura Sarabia’s nanny”: Ingrid Betancourt makes a new warning in Semana.

* Crisis of Higher Education in Colombia: 200 leaders of the educational sector warn of dangers of Statutory Law, reports El Colombiano.

* Cali Mayor’s Office opens call for hiring traffic agents.

* The Petro pension reform that Congress approved is unconstitutional and will fall in Court.

* Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office decreed this Monday, June 17, as Civic Day.

* Moniquirá and Miraflores will have UPTC headquarters.

Judicial news

* Hitman attack left a 14-year-old minor murdered and an adult injured in Caucasia.

*In that population of Bajo Cauca, 21 homicides have been reported so far in 2024.

* An investigation by the Military Forces warns that the Gulf clan would be receiving $1.44 billion in profits every day for allowing citizens to pass through the Darién Gap.

* Nine people injured in a traffic accident in Buriticá, Antioquia.

* Spectacular accident: car fell into the Medellín River with two occupants.

* Celebration of the first star of Atlético Bucaramanga did not leave any deaths due to traffic accidents.

health news

* Chemical hair products could affect women’s health, says The New York Times.

* Flies, mosquitoes, sewage and mountains of garbage threaten to worsen the health crisis in Gaza, according to a CNN report.

* Qdenga, the dengue vaccine developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda and had support from the University of Antioquia.

* Professor Iván Darío Vélez led the Word Mosquito Program project in alliance with Pecet to infect dengue-transmitting mosquitoes with a bacteria called Wolbachia that prevented them from transmitting the virus in the Aburrá Valley.

tourism news

* Europe is the most sought after destination and also attracts the largest number of international visitors in the world.

* France tops the list of the most visited with a total of 100 million in 2023.

* Spain stands out in second place with 85 million visits in 2023, and the United States came in third place with a total of 67 million tourists.

* Price per night in luxury hotels in New York grew 2%, above US$472.

Technology news

* IBM launches scholarships to study data science.

* Scientists concerned that the size of some whales is decreasing.

Sport News

* Egan Bernal placed fourth in the Tour of Switzerland. Epic performance.

* Spain confirmed its favoritism in the Eurocup after beating Croatia 3-0

* Hugo Rodallega and Carlos Bacca finished tied with 12 goals each as top scorers in Liga I 2024 in Colombia.

* The Golden Boot ended up going to Bacca because he reached that figure in 22 games played, while Rodallega needed 26.

* Euphoria in Bucaramanga with the arrival of the winning team. More than 12 hours in parades.

* Orsomarso and Llaneros tied in the first leg of the first final of the Promotion Tournament.

Shows and culture

* House of the Dragon premieres: the acclaimed series from the George RR Martin universe.

* Due to a fight between attendees, Karol G had to suspend her concert in Amsterdam for a moment.

* Alfredo Redes left La Casa de Los Famosos.

* Julián Trujillo, Karen Sevillano, Miguel Melfi and Sebastián González remain in the competition.

* With Alfredo’s departure, 20 celebrities left the program after the public vote.

* The member of the Papillent team is a content creator who, through his participation in La Casa de los Famosos Colombia, increased more than a million followers on his social networks.


* “The controversy of Caracol Radio” returns from 8 pm to analyze the Euro Cup and Copa América.


* World Day to Fight Desertification and Drought.

Highlights that occurred on June 17

* On June 17, 2018, lawyer Iván Duque is inaugurated as elected president of the Republic of Colombia.

* The historian, philosopher, poet and declaimer María Teresa Ramírez Neira was born in Corinto, Cauca, on June 17, 1944.

* The actor Mario Eliseo Duarte de la Torre was born on June 17, 1965 in Barranquilla.

* On June 17, 1773, Juana Rangel de Cuéllar founded Cúcuta.

Great Colombian

* Rafael Campo Miranda, composer.

Colombian dish

* Cassava chambray empanada from Puerto Tejada, Cauca.


* In 1914 the first paste with fluoride appeared.

The phrase of the day

* “Let us not stop praying for peace in Ukraine, in the Holy Land, in Sudan, Myanmar and in all places where war is suffering”: Pope Francis.

The amount

* An analysis concluded that the deficit of Colombia’s health system for the period 2020-2023 would be $16 billion and not the $11.4 initially calculated.

Price of the day

* Pair of Ferragano Salvatore shoes. $1,200,000

dollar price

* $4,107.52 pesos per dollar.


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