Hizbullah drones hit Israeli position in Metula

Through a statement, the movement confirmed that the operation reached enemy uniformed deployment points, destroyed and damaged their military vehicles, and caused casualties in the ranks of the Tel Aviv army.

According to Hizbullah, the attack is part of actions on the southern battlefront in support of the people in the Gaza Strip and fighters.

In this context, the Israeli media recognized the death of three soldiers and two others critically wounded in Metula, confirming that those killed belonged to Reconnaissance Unit 98.

The press in Tel Aviv described the attack by the Lebanese Resistance as the most severe since the start of the war in the north.

At the same time, they reported an intense exchange of fire and the launch of more than 100 missiles from Lebanon since the morning, as well as the activation of sirens in the Upper Galilee region after explosions in the area.

In an initial statement this Monday, Hizbullah announced the launch of dozens of Katyusha rockets towards the headquarters of the Golan Brigade Command (210) at the Nafah base, in response to the Israeli aggression against the Bekaa region, east of the country.

Local reports indicated that Israeli fighters launched incendiary balloons while flying over the sky of Metula, 1.5 kilometers from the Lebanese village of Al-Amari.

Israeli forces carried out a series of airstrikes on the outskirts of Loueizeh, Aaramtin and Meleiha, in the south of the Levantine nation.

Quoted by the media, the former head of the Northern Command of the Israeli army Asher Ben Lulu noted that Hizbullah’s greatest achievement since its inception was the withdrawal of Tel Aviv’s military forces from Lebanon.

In light of the current hostility, the former officer considered that the second most significant triumph of the Resistance is the displacement of settlers from the northern settlements.


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