Aragua train and Iranian cells spread across the continent

Peruvian police carry out the transfer of one of the members of the Tren de Aragua criminal organization in Lima on October 5, 2023. Peruvian police captured the alleged leader and 31 other members of a faction of the Tren de Aragua on Thursday, the Venezuelan – A criminal organization is born that spreads terror in several South American countries with murders and extortion, according to authorities. The offensive against what is considered the most dangerous gang operating in Peru was carried out in several regions of the country. (Photo by Cris BOURONCLE / AFP)

The criminal organization Tren de Araguawhich spreads its tentacles throughout the continent, acts as “the armed arm of Venezuelan and Cuban intelligence,” say security analysts from several countries. consulted by DIARIO LAS AMÉRICASwho view with great concern their growing presence in the Southern cone where the activities of Islamic networks linked to Iran also proliferate.


Even so, international media seem to ignore evidence that has emerged about the connections between criminal cells of the Aragua Train and the secret services of the Nicolas Maduro regime, following investigations into the recent murder of a dissident Venezuelan army officer in the capital of Chile.

A long documentary about the Aragua Train broadcast by CNN on Sunday, June 9 does not mention such links, despite public statements in this regard, made by Chilean authorities who request the extradition of two Venezuelans, with criminal records in Santiago de Chile, which clearly point to their relationship with the gang, apparently hired as hitmen for the kidnapping and murder of Ojeda, the young officer captured and murdered.

“We have established that this was not a self-kidnapping or extortionate kidnapping, this was organized by the Tren de Aragua with a foreign organization in the context of organized crime and the profile of the victim leads us to conclude that the only line of investigation is that and therefore we make a request for international criminal assistance to Venezuela to help us with the detention of Venezuelan citizens who are currently in that country,” stated the prosecutor in charge of the case in Chile, Hector Barros, in comments already published by DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS on April 12.

Facts evidenced during a raid last year at the Aragua prison, where the aforementioned criminal gang was formed, as well as attitudes expressed by Venezuelan officials to CNN, demonstrate a persistent current of disinformation promoted by the Maduro regime to divert investigations into the criminal group. The Venezuelan hitmen who took Ojeda from his home in Santiago and then killed him even disguised themselves as Chilean police officers to plant false leads. Official spokespersons in Caracas even insist on blaming Chilean authorities for the lieutenant’s death in what they describe as a “self-kidnapping.”


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