Elida Fernández presents her book “Espejando-nos”

Elida Fernández presents her book “Espejando-nos”
Elida Fernández presents her book “Espejando-nos”

The work traces the history of Puerto Madryn, from Élida’s point of view, when an episode caused by progress caused the memories of her childhood, adolescence and experiences to refloat and perpetuate them with the clarity that characterizes her in the pages of a book.
The book is called “Espejándo-nos”, because a mirror had been left on the wall that faces the Península Valdés Hotel. “And what I thought at that moment was, how many things did he mirror? What is she mirroring now? The author told her.
“The text covers a series of places where there is no record of other books in the area covering those places. Like many others when we went fishing at the pier, the school, the Casa Torrejón, the Hotel Playa. Well, a whole series of things. It’s growing up in a town that grew with you. That is the history. And it is in some way saying goodbye to a time, to an era, to some generations that we grew up together. That’s the book. That’s why it’s called “Espejándo-nos,” Fernández highlighted.
The Center for Historical and Social Studies invited the entire community to participate in this meeting that will be held at the Juan Meisen Ebene museum.

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