What decision did Barbie Vélez make with her baby that made her feel guilty and ask for advice?

What decision did Barbie Vélez make with her baby that made her feel guilty and ask for advice?
What decision did Barbie Vélez make with her baby that made her feel guilty and ask for advice?

Barbie Vélez, since she became a mother, has sporadic appearances in the media and even on their networks. All her efforts are focused on her baby, Salvador. However, this time she went to her 4 million followers because she admitted to being a “guilty mom.”

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“Now with motherhood I realized that everything blames me… It’s been a year and two months since we basically haven’t slept in this house, but not because of him. But for me I feel that he is sleeping badly and we are also sleeping badly“Barbie Vélez began by saying in her Instagram stories.

“We move a lot at night, we go to the bathroom, Darwin (his dog) is also in bed… I feel that movement makes him wake up too. Question we said: ‘Well, let’s get him to sleep in his room‘” he added.


In addition, Barbie Vélez confessed other things that make her guilty: sending him to the garden, having to start working, or the baby not wanting to eat. After asking for help, advice and more, he assured that he will continue to contact his followers for the resolution, while, at least, he feels accompanied by her fans.

A while ago, Barbie Vélez also surprised her followers because she used her social networks to tell how she changed her life. after the birth of her baby Salvador.

“I am very repetitive with the issue. But I’m amazed at how hungry the gym makes me. I mean, they don’t understand how hungry I am. Before my normal life was breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Four meals, but now after breakfast I definitely need to eat something else,” she explained in an Instagram story.

Barbie Vélez talked about how she experiences motherhood.

He further said that “so never a fruit. Because I don’t have the habit of fruits incorporated, I don’t like them very much. I only like them in smoothies or juices. I grabbed some cereal and I’m drinking mate. Yesterday they told me ‘drink mate and fool your stomach.’”

“My stomach is the least deceptive thing in the world. […] Until I eat food there is nothing that will deceive him,” Barbie Vélez continued. The actress, who tells details of her new life on her social networks, shared that is living a real drama.

And also that “they tell me that hunger is breastfeeding too. Could be… I have been breastfeeding for eight months…I was always hungry but now I’m too hungry. And it coincides a lot with this week when I started training harder. For me it’s a mix. But I’m destroying my pantry”.

In this way, Barbie Vélez made it clear that nine months after Salvador’s birth she continues to experience changes in her body and in her daily routine. Since lately he has been getting hungrier and hungrier, It’s because you’re breastfeeding and training at the gym..

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