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Chato Prada and Fede Hoppe They were, for 15 years, inseparable like flesh and nail, the two most faithful and historic producers of Marcelo Tinelli. However, a few weeks ago rumors of a fight, pineapples and a novel scandal between the two began to spread. And in the last hours, Lourdes Sanchez He gave his version.

Sitting on the LAM floor, Lourdes could not escape Ángel de Brito’s question about the alleged television divorce that has her partner (with whom she canceled her wedding) in the eye of the storm, and that forced him to come out to deny who had been fired by Tinelli from La Flia.

Lourdes insisted that everything is great between Prada and Hoppe but it was not entirely convincing. “The reality is that they are very good. In other words, Pablo continues working, it’s not that they fired him, he didn’t get into trouble with Fede. The two of them would never do that, they love each other a lot, they worked for many years together.”he assured.

Then, the Corrientes acknowledged that the two put a distance, a break, since they stopped working together on theater productions. “Perhaps they are different paths they want to take; “They worked together for a long time, they did theater for many years, television and maybe they want to do different things and now is the time.”he explained.


Despite everything that is said, Lourdes Sánchez maintains that between Chato Prada and Fede Hope there is a “good relationship” and that the versions that spread are not true, much less the rumor that they came to blowss. “Neither Fede nor Pablo are into doing those things, they respect each other a lot, they love each other a lot”said.

And Lourdes added: “Maybe today the relationship is a little distant, but I think that because Fede is not in America, Pablo is working on the channel”. To which De Brito noted that Hoppe never had a position within America. “Work for Marcelo, they both do it”indicated the driver.

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