I’m not going to stay silent

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The Mexican singer Lucero Mijares spoke again regarding the uncomfortable situation that his daughter experienced Lucerito Mijaresthe result of her relationship with the singer Manuel Mijares. The young singer was the target of ridicule about her physique by the hosts of the program ‘What does it matter’.

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Now in a new interview, Lucero once again expressed his opinion on this topic. In an interview for the program ‘Despierta América’ Lucero explained that her daughter has the security to defend herself, but as a mother she will always react.

Lucerito Mijares participates in the program ‘Juego de Voces’. Credit: Mezcalo

“As a mother, I have to defend my daughter against everything that may happen to her, always. She has enough strength and confidence to defend herself, she knows how to face these things. But I am always going to react, I am not going to stay silent.”Lucero said in the interview.

“Woe to those who have no intelligence, poor ones who have nothing to say but make fun of othersYes, that’s right, they don’t know us, nor do we know them, fortunately, we don’t care about them, the only thing that matters to us is supporting and loving each other. “Long live women and people who respect others.” Then he said: “canceled forever.”

Lucero is moved when she tells how her daughter reacted to knowing that she was criticized | Wake up America

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