Omar Geles charged 60 million pesos for a song he wrote

Omar Geles charged 60 million pesos for a song he wrote
Omar Geles charged 60 million pesos for a song he wrote

The legacy that Omar Geles leaves in vallenato is undeniable, as he began his career from a very young age and quickly became one of the most respected exponents of the genre and folklore in the country. His influence is so great that Currently there are many artists who owe him their success thanks to his support and his songs.

Following his death, last Tuesday, May 21, due to cardiorespiratory arrest, several interpreters have sent their messages of condolences and gratitude; Even at his funeral on Wednesday the 22nd, tribute was paid to him for his great impact.
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The ‘Maestro’ was aware of his great talent for playing the accordion and for writing great hits that became vallenato anthems, such as ‘Late I Met Him’, ‘The Paths of Life’, ‘Black and White’, ‘Thank You’, ‘The Greatest Love on the Planet’, among others; For this reason he gave a high value to the themes of his authorship.

Omar Geles and the millionaire sum he charged for his compositions

During an interview in 2023 with the journalist Victor Sanchez Rinconesthe maestro from Mahates revealed how much one of his fully produced songs cost.

The communicator presented him with a hypothetical situation in which an emerging artist asked him for a single. How much would he charge you and what would that value include?
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Omar Geles revealed: “60 million pesos, produced and with everything”; and he made the clarification that at no time has he “despised” to the artists who come to him with the hope of achieving success with a song that has their style and signature.

“The question is time because I can’t be in the studio as much. I have like 500 unreleased songs and I have to renew them… That takes time”. Furthermore, he added “You don’t have to do anything special with me, there is no protocol, I don’t have a bodyguard and the doors are open.”

‘Mono’ Zabaleta criticized the value that Omar Geles charged for a song

After the accordion player’s statements, the vallenato singer Mono Zabaleta criticized him and confessed that on one occasion he had to “give back“a theme to the musician, even though I had recorded it and had the video clip ready; well considered exaggerated the price.

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