Ramiro Buteler: “We are Stories, we all have something to tell” – Stories – Diversity

Ramiro Buteler: “We are Stories, we all have something to tell” – Stories – Diversity
Ramiro Buteler: “We are Stories, we all have something to tell” – Stories – Diversity

In the month of Father’s Day I came across a great story: that of Ramiro Buteler. He is a creative advisor to teams and companies, and an international speaker. He is also the father of three wonderful children: Olivia, Agustín and Felipe.

Together with the team of “Diversity, what do you see when you see me” We did a microphone with him, and listening to his philosophy of life caught me and made me very excited. I had the opportunity to ask him about his experience as a father and he expressed to me the way he saw his life.

When I asked him what motivated him to write about his family, he told me: “I think it is one of the most important experiences that I have been going through, one of the experiences that most attracts my attention. That’s why it was like it came out of my pores, it was something that was in my blood.”

Ramiro wrote several books: “Overwhelmed”, “Colorful Collective Catharsis”of which there are volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4, “Braid Project” and “We are Creative and Emotional”; in them he recovers experiences.

When asked what they are the yes and no of being a dadhe told me: “Of the Yeah I can talk for days, there are many beautiful things. The No usually it’s fears. You suffer thinking that your children are going to suffer at some point, that something is going to hurt your children at some point, that at some point something is not going to turn out the way they wanted. I think being worried is part of this duality in which we live, where being a dad implies responsibilities, sacrifice, commitment. But I insist, it is so beautiful that it greatly dilutes the other things that one can think about.”

On the other hand, he told me about the obstacles that were presented to him as a dad: “With Agustín, my eldest son, and his disability, it was uncertainty, not knowing what to do, not having control, wanting to understand why this happened to us, that I have it today as a great memory and at the same time as great challenges that I faced and went through, that make me the dad that I am today, the person that I am today. I think that the obstacles are many of those that those of us who are dads have: the fears, the insecuritiesbut increasingly seeking to dilute them.”

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Going back to his story, I asked him what tools he learned as a child and that he teaches his children today, and he told me that they teaches to play. He explained: “Playing all the time, I feel like we are children in adult bodies. Don’t stop playing, don’t stop telling each other nice things, don’t stop kissing, hugging and caressing each other, connecting. These mammals that we are, we need that recognition, that being close.”

Ramiro opened his heart to me by telling me what story he would like to tell his children, and he told me that he would tell them: “That we came to rememberthat we are spiritual beingsWe are spiritual souls living a human experience, that everything we are going through is to remember who we are, that this is much bigger, that you came to be happy, that we do not have to be distracted, that we have to connect with beautiful things. of life, with the simple things and that love conquers everything.”

Also, he told me that his children teach him “gratitude, innocence, simplicity, enjoying everyday life.” “They teach me their reactions, their personalities,” he added.

To conclude, he shared with me what he feels when he watches his children grow up: “I feel, on the one hand, a lot of love, it is part of life. On the one hand there is a part that is like a very intense nostalgia because one says ‘why didn’t they stay small’, it is part of the processes of living. I feel that calm and that breath of saying time passes and seeing them and their size showing it to you.”

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