messages, greetings and memories from celebrities

messages, greetings and memories from celebrities
messages, greetings and memories from celebrities

This Sunday, June 16, the Father’s day and numerous celebrities used their social networks to send their greetings to their loved ones.

Andy Kusnetzoff He made a very special post, a month and a half after the death of his father, the sexologist doctor Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff.

On his Instagram account, the journalist and radio host shared different images with his father and detailed: “When I was 21 I was hospitalized for internal bleeding for 2 months. Things were not looking good and my dad accompanied me all those nights. Now recovered , he gave me a text that describes it all. Warm, cultured, affectionate. Sage. On this first Father’s Day without his physical presence, I share it. Happy day Dad”.

And then Andy shared the text that his father wrote to him: “Fatherhood. For Andrés, thinking of José Pedroni. And one day, one sweet day, With gentle pain, You will heal alone, Like a tree in the wind, And there will be rejoicing , To look into your eyes, In the eyes of the son, And find your gaze, Blue, blue, deep, scorpian, Returning the light to me, Returning from the shadows, Infernal from nothingness. One night in October 92. Looking at you. “.

Andy Kusnetzoff’s post in memory of his father. Instagram.

Nicole Neumann, for her part, dedicated a publication to her partner, Manu Urcera.

The model shared a photo with her partner in which she shows off her pregnant belly.

And he pointed out: “Happy first Father’s Day.”

The car driver shared the post on his own Instagram account and expressed: “Thank you, Linda.”

Nicole Neumann and the first Father’s Day for Manu Urcera. Photo: Instagram.

In her account, Evangelina Anderson greeted her husband, Martín Demichelis.

With a photo with his three children, Bastian, Lola and Emma, ​​he noted: “Happy day daddy.”

Martín Demichelis with Evangelina Anderson and their children. Photo: Instagram.

“Celebrating I walk”, he pointed Benjamin Vicuñawho spent Father’s Day having lunch with his children.

Benjamín Vicuña with his children. Photo: Instagram.

“Happy day,” La China Suárez, mother of Magnolia and Amancio Vicuña, dedicated to him.

The actress also shared a photo of Nicolás Cabré with her eldest daughter, Rufina, on her Instagram, along with the greeting “Happy day.”

Later, La China reflected: “How lucky my children were with the parents they have. We will always be family and I am proud of what we achieved.”

The loving messages from Marcelo Tinelli’s children

Candelaria Tinelli He shared some heartfelt words dedicated to his father. Along with a photo of her wedding day with Coti Sorokin, Lelé expressed: “Thank you for believing in me and always supporting me in my craziness and desires. Thank you for listening to me whenever I needed it, advising me from the heart.”

And he continued: “Thank you for letting me be. Thank you for letting me choose and supporting me in all my decisions. Thank you for holding my hand in very ugly moments of my life, and the same in very beautiful moments.”

“I know that you are always there as best you can, to listen to me and help me in any way you can. You are a great father. You were always very present, you gave me a lot of time. I love you, pa. Happy day,” Lelé closed.

Marcelo, very excited, uploaded the story that his daughter dedicated to him and thanked her: “Ayyy, you made me cry a lot, my Rubi. There is no more beautiful time than the one I can spend and have spent with you. You always make my life happy. I love you my daughter”.

The post that Cande Tinelli dedicated to Marcelo Tinelli. Photo: Instagram.

Mica Tinellifor its part, also dedicated a publication to the driver.

“Happy father’s day. Thank you for your love, your generosity, for always being there and being such a companion. For teaching me such important things in life, for giving me four brothers that I love with life,” said Mica, also alongside a photo with his father.

And Marcelo, also father of Francisco, Juanita and Lolo Tinelli, responded: “Thank you, love of my life. My first daughter, my partner. Proud to have a daughter like you. I love you very much.”

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