Kate Winslet reveals that the kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was a disaster

Kate Winslet reveals that the kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was a disaster
Kate Winslet reveals that the kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was a disaster

They could be the kings of the world, but they still had to control the kissing thing a little better.

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It was the dream of any teenager in the 90s: kissing Leonardo Dicaprio in ‘Titanic‘and feel like Kate Winslet after telling him that “Paint me like one of your French girls.” James Cameron He knew how to capture the sensuality of the late 20th century and encapsulate it in a film that continues to resonate more than 25 years later. And yet, reality on a shoot is never as beautiful as it is painted.

The actress, who has revisited some of the most legendary scenes from the film to Vanity Fairhas stated that kissing the actor was not the fairy tale that anyone imagined at the time: “My God, he’s quite a romantic, right? It doesn’t surprise me that all the young women in the world would like him Leonardo Dicaprio I will kiss them. Well, not everything is as it seems.”

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“We did this kiss over and over again, I had a lot of pale makeup on and we had to do makeup checks – both of us, between takes – and I ended up looking like I had sucked on a candy bar after each take because her makeup made me fell on top.”

Kate Winslet

In fact, during the viewing he notices that there is a piece of the face of DiCaprio without makeup: “It was a disaster.” And the memories don’t get better: “Leo couldn’t stop laughing and we had to rerecord it like four different times because James Cameron I wanted a very specific light for this scene and the sunsets kept changing where we were.”

The famous “I am the king of the world!” scene Now it seems very iconic to us, but the truth is that during filming it was more of a “nightmare”: “This was a section of the ship that was not part of the set. We had to climb a ladder to get there. Hair and makeup were not They could reach us. Now, it’s impossible to tell because Leo looks completely natural, but he had to lie in solariums and get a lot of fake tan.”

But that does not mean, not even remotely, that I feel the slightest of anger towards the film. Quite the opposite: “I feel very proud of it because I feel that it is the film that never stops giving. A lot of generations are discovering it or seeing it for the first time, and there is something extraordinary about it.” Disaster or no disaster, cinema icons, icons must remain.

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