The Constantes y Vitales Awards reach 10 years and one million euros in donations for scientific research

The Constantes y Vitales Awards reach 10 years and one million euros in donations for scientific research
The Constantes y Vitales Awards reach 10 years and one million euros in donations for scientific research

Having become a reference of great prestige and experience in our country, already celebrating a decade of experience, the Constantes and Vitale Awardss aim recognize, value, support and strengthen the research and prevention work of Spanish scientists in the field of health in the last yeara purpose that even made more sense after the situation caused by Covid-19 made its essential work clear.

Deadline for submission and applications

Starting this Monday, May 6, and until next July 1 (until 11:00 p.m.)applications can be submitted for this tenth edition, whose bases and complete information is available On the official website of Constantes y Vitales, the applications must be downloaded and completed and subsequently submitted by email. [email protected]address to which queries regarding the application process can also be sent.

The jury’s decision will be announced in a ceremony that will take place in the last quarter of 2024 and in which each of the winners will be given a commemorative trophy, in addition to the award of 100,000 euros to the person who is awarded ‘Young Talent in Biomedical Research’ to guarantee the continuity of your project.

These are the four categories to qualify for the Constantes y Vitales Awards for Biomedical Research and Health Prevention, intended to distinguish projects and disseminate excellent biomedical research carried out in Spain and health prevention:

  • Constantes y Vitales Award for a Young Talent in Biomedical Research

The purpose of this category is reward the talent and scientific leadership capacity of young researchers who, at the time of being presented as candidates for these awards, are developing their work in Spain. TheState Investigation Agencyn will carry out a first evaluation of the applications to select the finalists, whose final decision will be made by the jury.

This award is intended for individuals up to 45 years of age (born since January 1, 1979), who are principal investigators (PI) of their own research group and who demonstrate original and relevant contributions in any of the fields of biomedicine. .

With this award, Constantes y Vitales will give the organization or institution that makes up the winning candidacy 100,000 euros for the project that the winner is currently leading. In this way, the campaign promoted by laSexta and the AXA Foundation It will guarantee the continuity of said research, thus realizing one of its main objectives for which it was founded ten years ago: to promote biomedical research in our country and value the figure of our scientists. And, with this tenth edition, it will fulfill the million euros allocated for this purpose.

  • Constantes y Vitales Award for the Best Biomedical Publication, with the collaboration of the FECYT

This category will reward the one considered best original publication (“paper”), non-review, biomedical of the year carried out in Spain, taking as reference those investigations that have been published in any of the scientific journals included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024. The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology ( FECYT), an entity dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, will select the main scientific publications, whose final decision will be made by the jury. Said jury may also propose up to three publications that will be added to the FECYT selection.

It will be especially valued that said research could represent an important advance in the biomedical field taking into account its results, repercussion, social incidence and impact.

  • Constantes y Vitales Award for Dissemination in medical prevention

This category will assess those campaigns carried out by public and private entities to disseminate or raise public opinion about a disease in order to prevent it or minimize its effects and/or contribute to the improvement of health in society.

Aspects such as the originality of its approach, creativity and the scope and impact of its dissemination through different media (TV, radio, press, internet, social networks, etc.) will be valued. The outreach campaigns must have been carried out between July 1, 2023 and June 1, 2024.

  • Constantes y Vitales Award for Scientific Career in biomedical research

The Constant and Vital Awards will once again distinguish the scientific career of a Spanish researcher in the biomedical field who has developed most of his career in Spainto. The candidates for this category will be proposed in their personal capacity by the Constants and Vitals Expert Committee and will choose the finalist among them, to whom they will grant this recognition. The final decision will be adopted by consensus of the jury.

Samuel Sánchez (‘Young Talent’ Award), Eduard Batlle (Best Biomedical Publication of the year), ‘Dona Vida, Dona Médula. You can,’ from the Association of Bone Marrow Donors of Extremadura (Best Dissemination Campaign in Medical Prevention) and Jesús San Miguel (Best Scientific Career) were the winners in the 2023 edition.

The evaluation of the candidatures for each Constantes y Vitales Award will be carried out by a jury that is made up of the members of theCommittee of Experts on Constants and Vitals, composed of professionals of recognized prestige in the field of scientific and medical research.

Ten years of commitment to science and research

Constantes y Vitales became, in October 2014, the first Corporate Responsibility initiative in the history of laSexta, launched as soon as he joined the company and promoted together with the AXA Foundation. During this decade of intense journey, Constantes y Vitales (@constantyvital) has achieved great milestones, many of them also achieved thanks to the support and collaboration of society.

Among its most successful and influential initiatives is Objective 2%’, based on the collection of citizen signatures with nearly a million adhesions, which seeks to achieve a political agreement to increase the budget dedicated to scientific research in Spain to that percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which began in laSexta and has spread to the entire Atresmedia Group. Also ‘Make a Wish’, his first short film about a true story for many people, whose plot thread is overcoming cancer and which can be seen openly on Atresplayer.

Likewise, among its milestones are the promotion of the State Research Agency (AEI), the installation of defibrillators, which had the support of more than 120,000 people, the publication of the first database of Spanish women researchers, in collaboration with the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT), and which has nearly 4,000 records, as well as the mental health campaigns ‘This is what we have to talk about’ and in support of the scientific vocation in girls and women, ‘Girls, the science needs us’, to which is added the direct endowment of 1,000,000 euros for research in the different editions of the Constantes y Vitales Awards.

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