Jaime Coloma went into a tailspin against Carola de Moras – Publimetro Chile

Jaime Coloma went into a tailspin against Carola de Moras – Publimetro Chile
Jaime Coloma went into a tailspin against Carola de Moras – Publimetro Chile

This week, the model Carola de Moras surprised by expressing her desire to return to animate the Viña del Mar Festival. The announcer It was assumed that Mega would contact her so that she could return to Quinta Vergaraand elaborated on the meaning that the contest has for her.

Today, you called me to do the Festival and I do it for you for freebecause it is a super entertaining experience. I would be happy, because I think it is entertaining, it is an experience that I lived five years in a row and that was only for my personal growth. Not professional, but personal, for my safety,” the entertainer revealed in her program “Tuned” on Radio Pauta.

Jaime Coloma’s devastating opinion about Carola de Moras

In the showbiz program “I tell you”, they contacted the opinion specialist Jaime Colomawho did not mince words when talking about the sayings of Carolina de Moras. “First, I find that Carola de Moras has no point of comparison with Karen Doggenweiler. “I think Karen is a great communicator, she is a person who has a solid opinion and who didn’t make it to the screen because she was pretty,” she started.

“Carola de Moras came to the screen because she was pretty. In fact, she has had many opportunities and has not shined as a communicator.. “It is true that it has the support of economic sectors, modeling agencies and a certain sector of the population,” he continued.

“But, I wouldn’t say it’s a face, especially an affectionate one. If she wants to do it for free, she has the right to apply. It seems to me that she should ask Karen Doggenweiler for help, and not the other way around.. “I don’t know Carola de Moras more than I’ve seen her on screen, and I’m not talking about a person I don’t know,” Jaime Coloma added.

I believe that she reached an important level on Chilean television, but basically because she is a woman considered very pretty, and that it responded to certain canons of beauty that in a country as aporophobic as this one, that bothers the most ethnic features, likes people with light eyes and all those things, it worked,” he added without a filter.

“But, I don’t find her a good communicator.. I speak about her professionally, I don’t know her anymore and I’m not interested in knowing her either,” he concluded.

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