Fighting in Algeria, Cauca, has affected more than 2,000 students

Fighting in Algeria, Cauca, has affected more than 2,000 students
Fighting in Algeria, Cauca, has affected more than 2,000 students

Image from referenica/ Although some classrooms have been conditioned in the municipal seat, the mayor of Algeria indicated that other schools had to close, since there are no safety conditions to provide the service.

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More than 2,000 students from the municipality of Argelia, in Cauca, especially from rural areas, were forced to leave their territories and move to the urban area, as a result of the fighting between the Central General Staff of the FARC dissidents and the army.

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The mayor of the municipality, Osman Guaca, announced that classes in rural areas had had to be cancelled, since there were no security guarantees for students to attend schools, because minors could be caught in the crossfire. , but also because the teachers have had to leave these places.

“In the San Juanes area we adapted some classrooms so that the children, together with their teachers, continue in the dynamics of education. However, there are some educational facilities closed because there are no security conditions to provide the service,” Guaca said.

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The situation has directly affected the 1,000 students at the Agricultural Institute of Algeria headquarters and 1,497 at the El Plateado headquarters, who must suspend classes every time there is fighting between the Army and the FARC dissidents.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Education of Cauca, Inés Larrahondo, indicated that the situation, although it was analyzed in a security council, goes beyond local institutional capabilities. “The Government is attentive to provide the pertinent support. The idea is that these types of situations do not continue to grow in the territory as far as possible. Despite all the efforts made by the department, it is a public order situation that is getting out of hand.”

According to the authorities, in the last month more than 1,000 people have been displaced by the fighting and there are more than 200 confined, especially in the town of El Plateado. The department’s Secretary of Education also noted that teachers were instructed to hold virtual classes where possible, in order to protect the lives of students.

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