The Police Union criticizes the lack of patrols and security in Nájera

The Rioja Union of Police and Civil Servants (SRPF) issued a statement this Saturday in which it denounces the lack of security in the city of Nájera, an issue that is very topical after the robberies and occupations of recent months. Titled ‘Nájera, city ​​without law’, in it several points of the current criminal situation are discussed.

The union affirms that, following the stabbing of a young man in the city last January, it was already warned that time of the “absolute lack of security and the deplorable situation in which the Local Police force finds itself.” However, the problem continued to worsen with successive waves of property thefts and even the arrest of a member of a squatter gang for threatening with scissors in public.

The note confirms the latest illegal entries into homes in the Reino de Nájera urbanization. Also other raids on San Millán and San Fernando streets, frustrated after the thieves found people inside the homes. As a result of this problem, the union affirms that fortunately “there were no personal injuries, but who knows what will happen in future raids when the owners are at home and the criminals do not want to flee.”

Once the problem has been exposed, SRPF regrets that the City Council “not only has not taken urgent measures to stop this escalation of violence, but the Local Police service continues to be weakened.” The union gives as an example the patrols that took place during the past San Prudencio festivities, with only one agent per shift, without presence on the streets, an act described as “irresponsible and that puts an entire city in danger.”

Two Local Police officers on the stone bridge of Nájera.


On the other hand, the note refers to the fact that this situation of insecurity and lack of police, which is already vox populi, ends up leading to “a call effect that attracts more crime.” According to experts on the subject, in Spain “criminal migration occurs to areas where the level of security is lower,” they say.

In order to solve this situation, which has been entrenched for several legislatures, but has worsened in this one, the Rioja Union of Police and Civil Servants is calling for a meeting. In the last lines of the statement they affirm that various meetings have already been held with the Regional Government and political parties, in order to present a Strategic Plan in this regard, to which “all municipalities could adhere for greater security.”


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