Unusual! Boy becomes a ‘cryptomillionaire’ by showing his mother’s breasts

Unusual! Boy becomes a ‘cryptomillionaire’ by showing his mother’s breasts
Unusual! Boy becomes a ‘cryptomillionaire’ by showing his mother’s breasts

The young man, who is apparently 12 years old, created the $LIVEMOM coin while encouraging his followers to invest in it with his mother showing her breasts live

The Kick platform has once again been the protagonist of a controversy last weekend after the live video of a young man of apparently 12 years old who sought to skyrocket the value of a cryptocurrency created by himself by showing his mother’s breasts went viral. In order to stimulate yourself, his mother moved her breasts in front of the camera.

Although it is true that there is no official relationship of the two protagonists of the live show, nor about the age of the supposed young man (it is not ruled out that he could even be an adult despite his appearance), the video has set off all the alarms.

During the broadcast, the alleged young man could be seen promoting the $Livemom cryptocurrency, while his alleged mother showed her covered breasts to the camera.

The success was overwhelming. During the transmission, which It lasted just over an hour. The boy and his mother decided to capitalize on the market.

To do this, they offered to make the minor protagonist of the live show do degrading things, how to eat dog food or do squats in front of the camera.

The stream, at least for a time, reached its goal as the token reached a capitalization of $310,000.

According to what was pointed out by those who followed the broadcast, when any of the proposed economic goals were achieved, the woman proceeded to take off some article of clothing or meet any other challenge.

After the case went viral, criticism also arose, mainly towards the woman, due to the way in which she “helped” her son to carry out his plan.

Finally, due to an alleged technical problem, the live broadcast crashed. In this way, in a matter of minutes the price of the token dropped to $129,000. Thirty minutes later, they resumed the broadcast, now using a new token called LIVEMOM2. However, this time The broadcast lasted only 15 minutes. and it was not that successful, as the market capitalization fell to zero after reaching $100,000.


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