Independiente seeks its first victory in the Professional League against Banfield

Independiente seeks its first victory in the Professional League against Banfield
Independiente seeks its first victory in the Professional League against Banfield

The most attractive duel of the day takes place in Avellaneda, where Independent will receive banfield in need of a win, given that they have accumulated the meager harvest of three points out of twelve available. He Red lost with Workshops in his debut and then tied with Platense in Vicente Lopez at the farewell of Carlos Tevez. He then took over temporarily Hugo Tocalliand under the cycle of the former Argentine national team youth coach the team equaled with Velez and took a unit of Florencio Varela against Defense and Justice.

For his part, the Drill comes from achieving a great victory against Newell’s, on the night of the missed penalties that dedicated to Milton Gimenez with his two goals. The team of Julio César Falcioni also advanced in Argentine Cup; since he eliminated Independent Rivadavia in it Mario Alberto Kempes.


Independent: Rodrigo Rey; Santiago Salle, Juan Manuel Fedorco, Joaquín Laso, Damián Pérez; David Martínez, Iván Marcone; Lautaro Millán, Federico Mancuello; Santiago López and Gabriel Ávalos. DT: Hugo Tocalli.

banfield: Facundo Sanguinetti, Juan Álvarez, Alejandro Maciel, Mateo Perez, Aarón Quirós, Emanuel Insúa, Matías González, Cristian Núñez, Ignacio Rodríguez, Milton Gimenez and Bruno Sepúlveda. DT: Julio César Falcioni.

Hour: 21.15

TV: ESPN Premium

Referee: Nicolás Ramírez

VAR: Fernando Espinoza

Stadium: Liberators of America – Ricardo Enrique Bochini


The last match of the day will take place in La Plata. Gimnasia receives Barracas Central, in a duel in which Lobo tries to recover from the defeat in Alta Córdoba versus Institute. The Uruguayan Méndez seeks to become strong at home in the Juan Carmelo Zerilloand for that you can count on Pablo de Blasiswho will be available after recovering from the discomfort that brought him before The Glory.

El Guapo, who has just lost at home against Huracán, wants to return to victory, as he did in his debut against Godoy Cruz de Mendoza.


Gym: Nelson Insfrán; Juan Pintado, Leonardo Morales, Yonathan Cabral, Nicolás Colazo; Lucas Castro, Rodrigo Saravia, Pablo de Blasis; Matías Abaldo, Rodrigo Castillo and Benjamín Domínguez. DT: Marcelo Méndez.

Central Barracks: Sebastian Moyano; Facundo Mater, Nicolás Capraro, Gonzalo Goñi and Rodrigo Insúa; Rodrigo Herrera, Santiago Coronel, Lucas Brochero, Alan Cantero and Carlos Arce; Federico Aguirre. Coach: Alejandro Orfila

Hour: 21.15

TV: TNT Sports

Referee: Andrés Gariano

VAR: Adrian Franklin

Stadium: Juan Carmelo Zerillo


The continuity of the fifth date of the tournament continued in the Seedbed of the World, where Argentines was imposed by 2 to 1 in view of Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero. The goals of Bug They arrived from Avellaneda, given that Nicolas Oroz and Jonathan Galvanboth with a past in racingwere responsible for the three points remaining in the flirtatious Diego Armando Maradona of The Fatherly.

The figure of the night, who also left a great memory in Chacarita, opened the scoring after capitalizing on a rude mistake by Luis Ingolotti. In the complement, meanwhile, the central defender appealed to the air route to extend the difference in favor of the team that leads Pablo Guede.

When Kevin Vazquez discounted for the Railway, the suspense settled in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, although the experience of the homeowner threatened the intentions of the northerners. The great goal from a free kick, in which nothing could be done Russian Rodriguezonly served to decorate a scoreboard for a duel that had already been resolved long in advance.


Argentinos Juniors: Diego Rodríguez, Francisco Álvarez, Jonathan Galván, Román Vega, Thiago Santamaría, Nicolás Oroz, Emiliano Viveros, Leonardo Heredia, Alan Rodríguez, Alan Lescano and Lucas Gómez. DT: Pablo Guede.

Córdoba Central: Luis Ingolotti, Lautaro Rivero, Sebastián Valdez, Dardo Miloc, Gonzalo Trindade, Walter Montoya, Kevin Vázquez, Rodrigo Atencio, Mateo Sanabria, Tomás Molina and Maximiliano Alvez. DT: Lucas González Vélez.

Hour: 19

TV: ESPN Premium

Referee: Nazarene Arasa

VAR: Pablo Dóvalo

Stadium: Diego Armando Maradona


In the middle of the FIFA date, in which La Scaloneta prepares to face its last friendly against Guatemala in USA facing the beginning of the America Cup, domestic football resumed its activity with the start of the fifth date of the Professional League.

The first meeting took place in Mendoza, where Godoy Cruz and Central Rosary They saw each other in a duel that had as its main protagonist Enzo Copetti. The spectacle that took place behind closed doors, due to the incidents that had occurred in the crash of the Tomb and San Lorenzo who had to be suspended, handed over to a Scoundrel with the intention of taking over the ball and clear requests for Miguel Ángel Russo: “Let’s Play! Let’s Play”…

AND Jaminton Campaz He played like a kid in a pasture. The Colombian showed off with a magnificent display to supply the former striker of racingwho celebrated his first conquest with the other’s shirt Academy. However, before the performers went to rest, the Chaco player touched the ball with his hand inside his own area and allowed Nahuel Ulariaga match the actions with a violent finish from the twelve steps that left no chance for Fatura Broun.

In the complement there was more talk than what was played, although Central Rosary was slightly higher. The clearest ones were for the visit, but Mark Ruben He was not precise in his definitions that could have changed the fate of the match. With Carlos Quintana as a leader from the bottom and Jaminton Campaz As an exponent figure of the afternoon, in the land of wine there were no winners or losers. There was simply a distribution of points that did not satisfy anyone.


Godoy Cruz: Franco Petroli, Lucas Arce, Pier Barrios, Federico Rasmussen, Elías Pereyra, Roberto Fernández, Bruno Leyes, Vicente Poggi, Daniel Barrea, Nahuel Ulariaga and Juan Bautista Cejas. DT: Daniel Oldrá

Central Rosary: Jorge Broun, Damián Martínez, Facundo Mallo, Carlos Quintana, Alan Rodríguez, Maximiliano Lovera, Kevin Ortíz, Franco Ibarra, Jaminton Campaz, Enzo Copetti and Agustín Módica. DT: Miguel Russo.

Hour: 17.00

TV: TNT Sports

Referee: Ariel Penel

VAR: Hernán Mastrángelo

Stadium: Feliciano Gambarte


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