“They haven’t brought us gas for two weeks”

Primary school 21 in the Bella Vista area in the north of Neuquén has been without classes for 13 days. The reason is that the truck that supplies bottled gas to the educational establishment does not carry the input. The parents requested the intervention of the Ministry of Education to articulate the necessary actions.

Yanet is the mother of two students at the institution and explained to Diario RÍO NEGRO the impossibility they had for the gas to reach the place.

«We spoke with the truck driver and he told us that he was taking to other areas, but he does not enter our school due to the state of the road, but the road is already passable, we do not understand why he does not come,” he counted.

The educational community of school 21 requested the intervention of Education.

For this reason, she and other parents decided to make the claim visible since they lost almost two weeks of classes for an input that should be guaranteed. “We haven’t had classes for two weeks, they haven’t brought us gas for two weeks,” he remarked.

Other nearby places like Los Carrizos and Cayanta receive gas from the same YPF truck that is not reaching Bella Vista.

“We need gas urgently, we ask the authorities to do something soon so that the kids stop missing classes,” solicitous.

The Zeppelins that are filled with the gas that goes to the school.


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