«The wine of the Bread and the Fish, in plastic glasses»

«The wine of the Bread and the Fish, in plastic glasses»
«The wine of the Bread and the Fish, in plastic glasses»

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 09:56

Fines, waiting lists, dirt in public spaces and plastic cups are the topics that readers address today on the Reader’s Telephone.

  1. They continue to fine “without mercy” in La Vía

In the area around La Vía street, the first caller tells us, the Local Police “continues to fine poorly parked cars with reason but without mercy.” “It seems like a cleaning campaign that I doubt is being carried out with the same harshness in other areas of Logroño,” says this regular of the neighborhood and this section. Remember that, “without going any further,” through the Reader’s Telephone, he asked the mayor to send the technicians to “delimit the parking lots, enable some new ones in possible places and mark them better,” but, he adds, “the only thing that “They have sent the painters of the horizontal road signs to leave things as they were until now and the police to continue issuing fines.” In short: “an everyday problem, unsolved.”

  1. Police plastic tapes not removed

Another about the Local Police of Logroño, in this case about the plastic tapes that “are used to temporarily delimit spaces on the streets, for races or any type of public event, and then they are not completely removed and pieces remain hanging,” it says. the reader. “I don’t know if it’s up to the police themselves to remove them,” he adds, “or to the cleaning services or who, but, for each other, they stay there indefinitely, giving a pretty bad image.”

  1. Too much plastic in the distribution of fish

We continue with the call from a resident of Logroño who wants to give a slap on the wrist to those in charge of the act of distributing the fish on Saint Barnabas Day. «It was very well organized, but what doesn’t seem so good to me is that the wine was delivered in plastic cups, the sale of which, as I understand, has been prohibited in the European Union since 2021. There were thousands of those little cups, but they also did not have a specific container to recycle that plastic,” comments this reader.

  1. Late appointments in Primary Care

From Logroño, a reader calls to make a review, since she has just requested an in-person appointment with her family doctor through the Rioja Salud app and they have given it to her for August 5, that is, within a month and a half. Too much waiting.

  1. Invasion of public space by works

The following caller wants to show his discontent with the situation in the streets of the capital of Rioja due to the invasion of public space. And not only because of the terraces of bars and cafes, but because of the works on the buildings, whose managers consider that “the street is theirs.” He cites two examples: one on the corner of Gran Vía Street and República Argentina, where a building is being demolished, and the second on Solidaridad Avenue, next to the bus interchange stop. In both cases he assures that “the construction containers and scaffolding have taken over the area, with the consequent danger that this entails for the pedestrian, who must go out onto the road to be able to pass,” he declares.

  1. Dirt inside the bullring

The last call of the day is made by a resident of Logroño, who claims to have gone to the La Ribera bullring during the last San Bernabé festivities to see the show of heifers and trimmers and that he was surprised by “the large amount of dirt.” that was there, both in the seats and the spaces between the rows, as well as in the windows of the ground floor and the bathrooms.

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Paula Montal street, in a situation of “abandonment”

The state of the sidewalks on Paula Montal Street in Logroño is “abandoned and deteriorated,” says the reader who sent the photograph. The area corresponds to the section between numbers 9 and 11, where the road surface is cracked and uneven. Furthermore, weeds have grown along the walls and are gradually invading the passage area.

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