Meet the candidates in the Municipal Reign of Folklore in Ibagué

Meet the candidates in the Municipal Reign of Folklore in Ibagué
Meet the candidates in the Municipal Reign of Folklore in Ibagué


At the Tolima Theater last Friday The first event of the Municipal Folklore Meeting was held. The 21 candidates for the crown currently held by Laura Daniela Pulido Alzate participated in the activity.

The day was full of cultural and musical wealth, also full of cultural expressions from different regions of our country, thanks to the special performance of the Children’s Choir of the Musical Institute of Tolimain addition to the staging Los Aires de mi Tolima, by the Artistic cast of Caiké Park.

Now it is expected that next Thursday, June 20 the official launch of the 50th version of the Colombian Folk Festival takes placean event that will take place from 7:00 pm in the Coliseum Mayor of the Sports Park.

That day Ibaguereños and visitors will be able to enjoy a musical presentation, accompanied by a dance componentstarring artists from the School of Artistic and Cultural Training, Efac.

The launch will constitute one of the many decentralized cultural activities of this edition of the folklore festivals in which This year the municipality invests close to $8 billion.

Other events

Besides, On June 21, the candidates’ folkloric exhibitions will be held to the municipal folklore meeting from 6:00 pm at the Coliseo Mayor.

On June 22 at 6:00 pm it will be Fantasy Night in which the candidates will make their presentation in a swimsuit and handmade.

On June 23 at 10:00 am The San Juan Parade will begin in which the candidates for the municipal and departmental folklore meetings will participate. That same night there will be the election and coronation of the municipal ambassador of Folklore at 6:00 pm in the Coliseo Mayor.

These are the municipal ambassadors of folklore:

Commune 2: Laura Valentina Acosta Ortiz

Commune 3: Luisa Fernanda Alvis Aldana

Commune 4: Nicol Estefany Rojas Herrera

Commune 5: Ingrid Alejandra Moreno Páez

Commune 6: Zaira Alejandra Triana Caro

Commune 7: Karen Dayana Cárdenas Naranjo

Commune 8: Luisa Fernanda Martínez Duarte

Commune 9: Paula Giselle Ruiz Díaz

Commune 10: Leidy Marcela Garzón Orjuela

Commune 11: Julieth Dayanna Castillo Lozano

Commune 12: Nicole Juliana González Rincón

Commune 13: Linda Johanna Parra Gutiérrez

Corregimiento 6: María Paula Salcedo Betancour

Corregimiento 7: Angie Tatiana López Echavarría

Corregimiento 8: María Alejandra Guevara González

Corregimiento 10: Emilyn Juanita Muñoz Quiñonez

Corregimiento 12: Karen Lorena Rengifo Bernal

Corregimiento 13: Derly Maritza Prada Vargas

Corregimiento 17: Xayrha Valentina Martínez Guzmán

Afro-descendant Communities: Dleydis Daniela Minotta Guerrero

Pueblito Tolimense: Camila Alejandra Cárdenas Salinas.

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