Armenia, Salento, Calarcá, Montenegro and Quimbaya affected by rains in Quindío

Armenia, Salento, Calarcá, Montenegro and Quimbaya affected by rains in Quindío
Armenia, Salento, Calarcá, Montenegro and Quimbaya affected by rains in Quindío


In the Quindío department, Due to the heavy rains, several landslides and tree falls occurred. that affected roads and homes especially in Salento, Armenia, Montenegro and Quimbaya

The Secretary of the Interior of Quindío Juana Gómez and the report of the effects “since Friday night, heavy and constant rains began to be recorded in the vast majority of municipalities in the department of Quindío, which persisted on Saturday throughout the day. Due to this, several new developments were generated, of them in the municipality of Montenegro where the road Armenia Montenegro, at kilometer 5, a landslide was generated, which was promptly cleared by the ship, also in the municipality of Calarca On the road to Naranjal there was a landslide and on the main road between Montenegro Quimbaya There was another landslide also attended to by the authorities and these are situations that are under control


The official and the very respectful call to the community of the department of Quindío that here we have all these prevention measures that are given by the different entities, such as nor take walks on the slopes or along the banks of the rivers At any time and due to the rains, floods, sudden which can cause some emergencies, it is also recommended to keep the roofs clean, the gutters clean, avoid throwing garbage on the floor, because this can cause clogging in the sewage systems and from there lead to flooding, be attentive to any new developments that occur. the relief agencies can be presented and notified immediately.

Important that When it is raining heavily let’s avoid driving If we have to do it, let’s do it with caution.


In Armenia, firefighters responded to the call of residents of the Zuldemaida neighborhood south of the city, where the Saturation of the land due to rain causes risk in a home built of wood, so there was a recommendation for preventive evacuation, while the reviews are carried out.


From the mayor’s office of Salento, they report that the main road that connects the coffee highways with the municipality of Salento was enabled. It was closed for several hours on Sunday, June 16, due to a fallen tree at kilometer 1, This thanks to the intervention of firefighters, police carabineros, the IDTQ, Quindío and the municipal administration who removed the tree and there is normal passage for vehicles in both directions.

In Armenia there are 62 areas at risk of landslides that increase due to the rains…

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